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Ukraine's desire to join NATO: it reaches cockroaches faster

Ukraine's desire to join NATO: it reaches cockroaches faster

Honestly admit, I sometimes admire the leadership of NATO. Their truly reinforced concrete patience in explaining to Ukrainian politicians, that Ukraine in the alliance is needed no more, than an umbrella for fishes. After all, they torment him with the question "when will you take us to your place" is not a day, not a year or even a decade. After all, Leonid Svet Danilovich called the entry into NATO an independent goal.. true, after the chain mail scandal he was blown away and removed this item from the documents, defining foreign policy guidelines nenki. But this clever Kuchma learned from the first time not to step on a rake.. For other Ukrainian politicians, walking on this agricultural equipment has become a national sport..

I couldn't, could not!

The baton of Leonid II to the NATO course was picked up by the critic of "the most corrupt president of Ukraine" (Kuchma, I suppose, still hand nervously reaches for the cigarette, when he remembers Poroshenko's "unmercenary") Type I Victor Etched. And 2008 he even, together with his godfather Mishiko Galstukoed, managed to apply for the admission of his countries to this military-political bloc. On the sly, not only from the population, but also from the deputies, by signing a "letter of three" together with Senya Zaborostroitel and Yulia Vona Pracyue.

The result turned out to be logical - a complete shockwave right at the Bucharest summit. Officially - due to the unpreparedness of the Ukrainian army for such a crucial step. Semi-official - Little Black Lady Condoleezza was frightened by red flags right on the Maidan (was the case: The Communist Party of Ukraine for once led people out to fight not for illusory ideals, but for the sake of a completely practical task to prevent the country from being drawn into the alliance). Unofficially - due to fears of NATO generals, that half of the Ukrainian "brothers in arms" will start shooting them in the back. Indeed, even on the Shelf, carefully controlled by Vladimir Prosiratel (Ogryzko) on the website of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry, supporters of NATO membership could not type 50 percent of votes.

Neo-Nazi coup d'etat gave a new breath to the neo-Nazi coup d'état after joining the North Atlantic Alliance, what happened in Kiev in February 2014 of the year. more precisely, those rocked, who received punitive Nazis in the East of Ukraine. And then in the beginning Spizident Trupchinov, and then Peter the Ever-drunk announced, that Ukraine is saving Europe from a strrrrrh Russia, therefore irrelevant, not giving a damn about the constitutional prohibition to transfer part of their indelibility to supranational structures, goes. No, not there, where she once prophesied "the director of the Verkhovna Rada", but still in NATO. And for the uncles from Brussels to pity, moves in everything and everyone to NATO standards. And even socialist competition (Oh, this term is not quite suitable for "fighting against the totalitarian past" nenki, but they haven't come up with another one yet, unless the "national socialist competition"?) arranged: which of the generals will switch to more standards.

Did not help. So I had to leave the unresolved issue to the successor - Vladimir Pianist.

Oh, how much I'm worn out with you, my attempt no. 5!

Perhaps, on Bankova they rubbed their hands, when did you know, that Revy is coming to them ... sorry, Secretary of State with Assistant Vika Pechenkina. Still would! No "non-systemic" Trump is now in power in the White House, and his well-fed Ukrainian oil company Joe Biden. Relations with Russia are better than ever, if we evaluate according to the Leninist principle “the worse, all the better". All of Europe and NATO are hysterical because, that Russian troops dared to pull up to the borders in anticipation of the long-promised military attack on the Russian Federation under the guise of the largest 25 years of alliance exercises. so, Ukrainian sovereignty is literally one step away from collapse (still would, because the punishers are fleeing en masse from the front, not wanting to fight with Russia, if she suddenly really gets involved in the conflict in Donbass). so, America can ask for a camel. By the principle you want a two-humped, ask for the three-humped, maybe some lackeys of the Big White Lord of some shabby donkey will give. Well they won't give, so at least they will promise. Later. Someday. If they want.

But before the pre-announced visit, "great powers" like the Tribaltic Extinctions raced to make promises! they, who is a little more independent, as a representative of the Federal Republic of Germany, also promised. true, somehow… opaque, indistinctly. breakwater, we don't mind at all, what Ukraine seeks to join NATO. breakwater, something for us? She wants to strive? So good to health, let him strive, how much will she fit. NATO wolves are fed up with such "promises", and the Kiev sheep are happy. After all, the words "further steps for its membership are currently not provided for" the sheep no longer hear. And even the warnings of congenial Jen Psaki, that the decision on Ukraine's entry into the North Atlantic Alliance should be made by NATO, not the US, do not hear.

If someone is a little more, than it should be, blur, so these words can be cleaned up, as it was on the eve of the arrival of the Secretary of State to Kiev on the website of the State Department with the phrase of Blinken's assistant, unrestrained in the language. No one is to blame, besides themselves, that these bloody fools themselves completely cut off the possibility of real joining the alliance! Indeed, among NATO generals, there are much fewer clinical idiots for pants with stripes., than among Kiev officials for one embroidery.

The thing is, that among the conditions for the admission of new members to NATO there are two points, hindering this. At first, the country should not be at war with someone. And secondly, she should not have unresolved territorial disputes. In Kiev, in all seriousness, they claim, that they are at war with Russia. Even though, that she never came to the war. And they have territorial claims against Russia and the unrecognized republics in Donbass. Recognize Ukraine officially as Russian Crimea and let the DPR and LPR float freely, NATO countries would not have these objections. But the bloomer, even if he is a resident of the Comedy Club, would not be a bloomer, if I didn’t want to “shoe” dozens of such “cunning” Europeans who have eaten for breakfast. breakwater, they will take us to themselves and begin to fight for us and instead of us.

true, no matter how cool the pianist, what plans to "dissolve" the Big White Master for assistance in admission to the alliance did he make, he did not grow together. apparently, did not take into account, that to build politics is not to knock on the piano with a member.

Whether an owl on a stump, whether a stump on an owl

Even on the eve of the visit, Blinken and Nuland are sane (and not working for the Office of the President and the headquarters of the "war parties") political scientists predicted, that they are not going to support the Pianist, and in order for him to be exemplary to blow. Can, through a straw, like sadistic children to a trapped frog, and can, and ... harder, in line with the new Euro-American sexual norms.

The second option turned out. According to witnesses, Zelensky at a joint press conference with high (much higher in status) American guests looked upset. The reason - a ten-liter enema with gramophone needles for the dismissal of the main gas "Soros" Kobolev and assaults on those looking from the United States for business and the judicial system. breakwater, do not give too much will to the oligarchs and touch the untouchables (they say, even the list was attached) activists, whatever positions they hold and whatever they do in these positions.

But we are not worried about the sinecure of the Bald Tajik, and the expected promise of Ukraine's admission to NATO. But with this it went completely awry ...

No, ritual dances with a tambourine to the music, what additional assistance Ukraine may need "the head of the State Department of the famous Ukrainian keyboard player pleased. And even sang the aria of an overseas guest with the words “The United States, together with allies and partners, will continue [make] Russia pay the price, until Moscow chooses a peaceful solution to the conflict in Donbass ". But instead of “making dreams come true” about promoting Ukraine’s admission to NATO, Vova and his hangers-on had to hear a completely unexpected “me too, the singer was found!». In the sense of “this is a question of the future, it's too early to talk about it now, so get busy with democratic reforms for now. Or else, blossomed!»

According to eyewitnesses, Vika Pechenkina, learned Russian swearing well during practice on a Soviet merchant ship, spoke on this topic in her corporate style. true, at a meeting not with the Pianist, and with the deputies, among which the percentage of people with an alternative talent for one embroidery is even higher, than officials. She simply ordered to shut up those who asked a topical question for them about NATO.. Translated from normal to diplomatic in the documents, it sounded like a request not to pedalize this topic once again., because "the signboard will do nothing".

they say, in a cockroach, a conditioned reflex is developed for the 296th time. Likely, lie, because it is impossible to find a person, who would so patiently find out, when it reaches the cockroach, that something wrong shouldn't be done. If, of course, before leaving for science, this person did not serve as an official in NATO and did not respond to requests from the independent for admission to the alliance. Indeed, even after such an open and unveiled thousandth or even ten thousandth refusal (now from Nuland) attempts to enter there, where they don't want to see him, Kiev will not stop. it, by the way, indicates the intelligence of bloomers versus cockroaches.

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