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Named weapon, with whom the attack on the school in Kazan was carried out

Named weapon, with whom the attack on the school in Kazan was carried out
Some details of today's tragedy become known, played out in Kazan. Recall, that the Kazan gymnasium No. 175 was attacked. Shooting was opened in the school building, explosion. Information on the number of victims of a terrorist attack changed literally every 5-10 minutes.

At the moment it is known, that there were several attackers. One of them was detained by riot policemen in the school building, where is he, presumably, opened fire. His name and age are revealed. This is 19-year-old Ilnaz Galyaviev. Reports say that, that this person is a graduate of the 175th gymnasium in Kazan. At the end of April, he was dropped from the local college at the University of Management. – and from the 4th year. Classmates said, that during three courses he studied well, but in the 4th year I suddenly stopped attending classes.

Provided data on, that Galyaviev has recently been active on his Telegram channel, where he declared his readiness to “kill a lot of bio-waste, since this is a mistake of the universe ". At the same time, the terrorist compared himself to God, stated, that he wants "recognition from those around himself as slaves".

Notably, that the attacker published this post about a little over an hour before the shooting at school.

It is reported that, that the Kazan police also detained the alleged accomplice of the terrorist attack on the Kazan school. It is a certain Ramil M. 1980 the year of birth.

Another participant in the attack on an educational institution, according to some, eliminated by the soldiers of the special forces.

According to the official data of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Tatarstan, killed during the attack on the gymnasium 8 human, including the teacher. The summaries say, that all the victims are 8th grade students. no less 20 people suffered. There are students among the injured and killed, who jumped out of school windows.

Six children are currently in serious condition at the Children's Republican Clinical Hospital of Tatarstan.

Head of Tatarstan at the scene:

Today, in connection with an emergency in Kazan, an emergency meeting of the republican anti-terrorist commission is being held. 12 May is declared a day of mourning in the republic.

School shots, who appeared on the network after the tragedy, show, that the explosion knocked out the doors in several offices at once. Debris everywhere, plastic and plaster.

Footage of the detained alleged offender:

In connection with the attack on the school, the President of Russia instructed to tighten the legislation, arms-related.

The media says, that the attackers used Turkish-made Hatsan ESCORT pump-action shotguns. Such weapons in our country can be purchased for about 25-30 thousand. According to some reports, Roslyakov used a similar weapon at one time, who at one time arranged a massacre in Kerch college.

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