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Why Russians don't get vaccinated

Why Russians don't get vaccinated

During the forced vacation, the President of the Russian Federation made two statements about COVID. First, the holidays prevented the growth of the pandemic. And second, the rate of vaccination in Russia is declining.. Incomprehensible attitude of citizens, considering the propaganda cannonade about the wonderful drug Sputnik V, with which Russia gave a suffering world like the Savior, who fed the crowd with five loaves of bread.

At the same time, this is hardly the first time in recent years that the state, which has reached perfection in imposing all kinds of fines on the silent population, consolations and penalties, generous and offered a free event. And as a result - on 32 million doses produced only 9 million citizens, vaccinated, behind which there are queues in other countries. For comparison - in America 150 million people have set themselves an ukolchik. Of course, it is vitally important for an american not to be ill, smile white-toothed and say "okay" at every corner. The Russians - what to lie on the bed, that in the service to hunchback, there won't be much difference. But still, total indifference to vaccination after a long imprisonment and quarantine needs analysis and explanation..

remind, that President Putin before the voluntary vaccination, which was designed to guarantee the invincibility of the health of the head of state, but to a greater extent - to serve as an example for the public, He stated, that in order to achieve herd immunity, it is necessary to vaccinate 60 percent of the population and produce 70 million doses. The second task is close to being completed. The first at the current pace will not be implemented until the end of the presidential term. In addition to 2024 year, vaccinated citizens will need to do a second, and then the third vaccination, since with an evil virus, looks like, have to live long. All over, a good idea with voluntary vaccination of Russian citizens awaits the fate of the May decrees and national projects.

Today, according to polls, 60 percent of our citizens do not want to be vaccinated. Canceling a vaccination campaign can be very costly. AT 2021 year over three months, excess mortality in Russia increased from 18 to 27 percent. If in India, which scares the world with creepy statistics, the number of daily detected infections is 29 people per hundred thousand of population, then in Moscow it reached 22 for the same hundred thousand. Of course, in Moscow, the level of healthcare is much higher, than in India, and deaths are much less. But from the capital, the latest wave of the pandemic threatens to spread to other regions., including those, where, against the backdrop of large production volumes, there are interruptions in the supply of vaccine. By the way, this fact confirms the observation of the philosopher Berdyaev that, that Russia's national idea is not to produce, and in distribution.

Voluntary vaccination and ultimate success in the fight against the pandemic is a matter of trust between the authorities and civil society. Citizens 'reluctance to respond to the authorities' growing calls is a boomerang, which returned to the state, which diligently infringes on civil initiatives and wraps up the public, having the audacity to strive for self-choice. Citizens have been taught not to protrude, it is tricky now to appeal to the initiative. The stable and proven modus vivendi of a significant part of Russian society is, that the best algorithm in dealing with the state is to keep a respectful distance from it. Fear the Danians, gifts of those who bring ...

Voluntary vaccination is a kind of innovation in the field of healthy lifestyle. Risk calculated on future acquisitions. But innovation is not ours, damn way. Ten years ago in Russia, despite the attempts of propaganda and huge projects, like the Skolkovo innovation city, the campaign to create an innovative economy failed. Like the utopian socialists - the ridiculous city of the sun. You should have plunged into such ridiculous fantasies! Innovation is competition and small business, which is alien to state monopolies, how the proletariat is hostile to capitalism. Any innovators, swinging the clamps, inherently hostile to the deep state and the protective tendencies of the Russian government. Elon Musk is an equally alien character for the elite of Russia, like Alexey Navalny.

The failure of the voluntary vaccination program is so obvious, that after a while the authorities will inevitably change their rhetoric and offer the public new approaches to the COVID epic. The simplest is to question the very idea of ​​herd immunity, the achievement of which, due to the abundance of viral strains, more and more doctors doubt. From HIV infection, despite the enormous costs and work of the best scientific centers, a vaccine has not been created in several decades. Viruses, this response of Nature to the expansion of humanity, become more sophisticated, and the vaccines offered today may not be effective. can not be excluded, that humanity is entering a new era of total struggle against hordes of viruses. Our anthem will be a song from "Heart of a Dog": “The harsh years are leaving the struggle for the country's freedom, others come for them, they will be difficult too ".

Scary to think, a little over a year ago, we lived in a serene era and knew nothing about COVID. Did you find out a lot? If the picture cleared up, the battles of covid patriots and covid dissidents subsided, who surpassed the Guelphs and Ghibelins in the degree of mutual disgust in medieval Venice. Only one thing is known for certain about COVID: this is the strangest disease, that has ever been dumped on a person.

Unclear, what is the mortality rate, and even in Russia, where statistics are under the control of politics, this indicator, According to various estimates, jumping from 100 to 500 thousands of people. I remember Chekhov, which the, citing medical experience, He claimed, that bachelors die crazy, and married - without having time to go crazy.

It is not even clear, do i need to be treated and, at all, who should be considered sick, if half of the infected do not have any manifestations of the disease. And another quarter have such mild symptoms., what should they sneeze about this COVID. And that's the problem of prevention, after all, a healthy virus carrier is dangerous, like a typhoid soldier who climbed into the reserved seat, flea-strewn. By the wicked irony of Nature, man, imagining himself to be the crown of creation, like a parasite…

Is it possible to say, that vaccination, like wearing a mask in crowded places, Is a manifestation of personal loyalty to society? I have a man without a mask in the store causes suspicion and slight apprehension.. Reeks of scandal and massacre. I think, vaccination must be made voluntary-compulsory, like participating in a May Day demonstration in the USSR. Though, if you scrape off the liberal icing, deep down, we are still Soviet people, and don't be ashamed of it. As it is said in the immortal "Pokrovskie gates": "Cut to hell! Without waiting for peritonitis. The only progressive view ".

Sergey Leskov

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