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Finnish intelligence: Russia is ready to fight in Europe

Finnish intelligence: Russia is ready to fight in Europe
The reason for the growing tension on the European continent is the "renaissance of power politics". This is the opinion of the military intelligence of Finland.

This is stated in her public report., first published by the Finnish Ministry of Defense.

Our country occupies a prominent place in the published voluminous document. It says, that Russia is capable and ready to fight in Europe, and the Kremlin can use its armed forces in this region, if he needs it. Finnish intelligence officers are particularly concerned about growing tensions in the Baltic, whose strategic importance is growing, and for Russia, and for NATO.

Helsinki celebrates, as the Russian Federation, and the North Atlantic Alliance are deploying significant forces near Finland, equipped with the most modern high-tech weapons. Both sides have noticeably increased their combat readiness and are able to demonstrate their capabilities in practice at any time..

The report states, that Russia is building up its military power by all means, including by conducting large-scale exercises with the participation of all branches of the military.

Earlier, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said, that the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation need to prepare for the option, in which major military exercises NATO Defender Europe can go on an "unfavorable scenario" for our country. He declared, that the army must be able to respond promptly to any challenge.

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