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The Russian regime has acquired a human face

The Russian regime has acquired a human face

Will you be surprised, if for a disapproving review of Generalissimo Stalin is punished under the new law on the dissemination of deliberately false information about veterans? So I will not be surprised. The supreme commander was undoubtedly a veteran.

Formalists, of course, will begin to explain, what is this law about something else, that the reason for its publication was one of the trials over Navalny and that a separate act would be needed to prohibit criticism of Stalin. However, everyone in their hearts understands: proclaim all new regulations and restrictions will continuously, but only a very naive person will look for some clearly formulated rules of the game in them. There are no rules. What they want, for that they will be condemned.

It is about this and hastily, despite the weekend, bills submitted to the State Duma against the Navalnists, and at the same time against those, who transferred money to them, gave legal advice, posted their materials, etc.. P. An indefinite circle of people - perhaps, hundreds of thousands - fail if not under extremism, then under defeat. Can, again, disassemble it in a formal plane - indicate, eg, on the anti-constitutional nature of giving new laws retroactive force or on the vagueness and unlawfulness of the language of these acts. But non-juridicality is precisely their essence..

The bosses do not introduce new rules at all, which would be obligatory, including for himself. It just notifies the subjects, what part of them decided to declare disenfranchised, as in the early Soviet times of "Nepmen" and "kulaks", and to plant someone. Who exactly? Who does he want. Further it will be seen.

No more soulless bureaucratic machine, driving people into the Procrustean bed of their formalities. Now everything is informal.

Courts still exist, but more by inertia. Outdated procedures are a thing of the past, starting with protection. Case of the lawyer Ivan Pavlov, accused of disclosing the secrets of the investigation, indicates the direction of movement. If the court as an institution has not yet been canceled, so let it be at least secret.

Unclear, why is parliament left. Laws are much easier to issue without any title authors, three times "readings" and pressing the buttons. maybe, parliament workers are spared for perfect performance. Nobody will tell, that the deputies interfere with the real power at least in some way. As well as worthless, albeit a voracious "systemic opposition", giving all her strength to prove her harmlessness. However, the meaning of its preservation still causes growing bewilderment among experts.

Over the past year or two, so-called institutions have ceased to be used even as political furniture.. Without tedious formalities and obligatory intermediaries, the state is governed by a small group of like-minded people led by a leader, just a few people. Power has lost its former bureaucratic face and acquired a human. Their face. And all official institutions have become uniform loudspeakers, transmitting thoughts, the words, aspirations, fears and resentments of a particular person.

For autocratic regimes, at least in large and non-poor powers, not like banana republics, going into such radical personalism is rather unusual. Political scientists explain the reason for this shift by the decline in the popularity of the authorities., the increasing complexity of each successive extension of Vladimir Putin's rule and the growing insecurity in the eyes of the leading group of any mechanisms of communication with the country, except punitive.

probably, and there is. But no less important is, apparently, and the very duration of being at the top of the same closed circle, isolated from reality and completely obeying his own mythology. Any of their desires and impulses are realized automatically - regardless of whether, are they useful to them or not.

Here is a relatively harmless example.. Another bill registered this Wednesday, prohibiting the "public identification of goals, decisions and actions of the Soviet leadership, military command and military personnel with targets, decisions and actions of representatives of Nazi Germany ".

One of its title co-authors refers to indignation, caused by part of a phrase in some translation book. But the accompanying explanatory note reads directly: "The bill was prepared in pursuance of subparagraph" b "of paragraph 2 the list of instructions of the President of the Russian Federation V.V. Putin following the results of the meeting of the Council under the President of the Russian Federation for Culture and Arts ... In accordance with the instruction, Recommended to the State Duma ... "Any instruction from Vladimir Putin, no matter how insignificant the reason, naturally turns into law.

And in the recent presidential message, it was also ordered to rewrite history textbooks, allegedly silent about the Battle of Stalingrad. And imagine, searches have revealed one textbook, where the battle is present, but not detailed, as the leader would like. It will be fixed.

Well, another important representative of the upper circle, Nikolai Patrushev, in recent weeks, he also spoke about the distant past more than once - for example, about the sinister role of the United States in both world wars or about Ivan the Terrible, slandered by Western chroniclers for, that "did not recognize their political and moral leadership".

This is their hobby. Extremely interested in history. And for any reason they have their own versions, which are persistently shared with the people and made obligatory for everyone, not noticing, that the subjects of this interest do not share. And the nomenclature only pretends to listen, open mouth.

And here is a less innocuous epic - the promotion of "Sputnik V" on the world stage. In contrast to the overbearing historical research, real vaccine. In addition, the leader's interest in her is enormous. And the results, so to speak, ambiguous. Scandal on scandal. In Slovakia, the government fell due to the ups and downs with "Sputnik". Brazilian regulator, who has suspended the import of this vaccine, Russian institutions threaten to arrange "defamation proceedings for deliberate dissemination of false and inaccurate information". Not only the European Medicines Agency (EMA), but absolutely loyal to Russia, WHO is not just dragging on the certification of "Sputnik", but they even refuse to tell, when will it be done.

The reason is, that our top bosses act strictly in their own coordinates. Advertises "Sputnik V" abroad in exactly the same style, that United Russia is at home. And pushes this vaccine to foreign markets, using your long-standing business skills, which in the 90s were considered the norm in our country, but in today's world they are dumbfounded.

And the super scandal with the Europeans over the accusations of the explosion in the Czech Vrbetica is already a one hundred percent example of the victory of personal ambitions and personal fantasies over practically understood practical interests.. Instead of tried and tested ways to jam such cases, instead of clandestine bargaining and thoughtful public diplomacy - rolling one scene after another, senseless strikes on Russian missions, compiling ridiculous lists of unfriendly countries. in short, all, to maximize hardships not only for your subjects, but also for your own circle.

they, who was embarrassed by the faceless state of the previous model, can now try out the features of the human face mode.

Sergey Shelin

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