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The foreign press: Russian missile "Sarmat" is capable of destroying all of England

The foreign press: Russian rocket «Sarmatic» capable of destroying all of England
Two years ago it was reported that, what in 2021 the newest intercontinental ballistic missile "Sarmat" will be put into service with missile units and formations of the Russian Federation. Rockets RS-28, as known from open sources, differ from those in service with ICBMs in a number of their characteristics, including new engines, capable of increasing the range of combat use of this type of weapon.

The foreign press draws attention to the early introduction of the "Sarmat" into service. Columnist Ayush Jain of the EurAsian Times, considering the combat capabilities of the RS-28, writes literally the following:

Russia will soon put into service its most powerful ICBM. This is the Sarmat missile, capable of destroying all of England.
celebrated, that the President of Russia Vladimir Putin spoke openly about "Sarmat" in 2018 year. Then in the foreign press, and in Russian liberal publications and blogs, the thought of, that the latest Russian weapons shown, including RS-28 "Sarmat", hypersonic missile systems "Dagger", combat laser installations "Peresvet", etc.. are nothing more than "Kremlin animation". In some editions, this idea is promoted to this day., however, there are clearly more sober assessments. About "cartoons" – less and less.

EurAsian Times:

Warhead "Sarmat" may consist of 10-15 warheads, who are able to achieve the goal at the last stage of the flight independently of each other. It can also be Avangard hypersonic units with an unpredictable trajectory..
A few days ago in the United States, the Russian Federation's hypersonic weapons were called "an existential threat to America.".

In the foreign press, the emphasis is on, that such warheads are extremely difficult to intercept, and also on that, that the nuclear missile shield of Russia after the RS-28 "Sarmat" was put into service is acquiring additional power.

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