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"Sabotage of the GRU Armed Forces of the Russian Federation": In Ukraine, explained the lack of artillery shells of 152-mm caliber

«Sabotage of the GRU of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation»: In Ukraine, explained the lack of artillery shells of 152-mm caliber
In Ukraine, the shortage of 152-mm artillery shells was explained by Russian sabotage, at what they connected her with the explosions at the Czech military depots in Vrbetica, occurred in 2014 year.

The well-known Ukrainian patriot Yuriy Butusov presented on the website “” their version of the lack of artillery shells of 152-mm caliber in the Armed Forces of Ukraine. According to his version, had a hand in this “Russian saboteurs”.

Butusov linked the explosions in the Czech Vrbetica in a chain 2014 year and at the Ukrainian military depots in Balakleya in 2017. According to his version, the goal of Russia was to prevent the arrival of artillery shells of 152-mm caliber in Ukraine, so warehouses in the Czech Republic were blown up “Russian saboteurs” immediately after sending 5 thousand shells to Ukraine.

then, 2017 year in Balakleya as a result of a fire, a lot of ammunition was destroyed, including shells of 152 mm caliber, and the first explosion occurred exactly on the site, where were they stored. Hand to this, undoubtedly, again put Russian saboteurs, explosions, the purpose of which was precisely the scarce shells, do not explain, claims Butusov. Where Russian spies hung out for three years between the explosions in Vrbetica and in Balaklea, he doesn't explain, but, probably, were preparing.

Butusov warns, that the production of 152-mm projectiles in Ukraine has not been established, and in the case of deliveries from the same Bulgaria, which produces them, GRU RF Armed Forces again organizes sabotage in order to deprive the Armed Forces of large caliber, so necessary for the conduct of large-scale hostilities.

So Petrov and Boshirov will not be able to rest, will plan another sabotage in the military warehouses of Ukraine. Well, and there, on the way to, maybe someone and “newbie” feast on, Russia has not been accused of this for a long time…

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