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"More, what it was ": NATO has counted "tens of thousands" of Russian military near the border of Ukraine

«More, what was»: NATO counted «tens of thousands» Russian military near the border of Ukraine
Russia maintains a significant military force on the Ukrainian border. Despite the withdrawal of troops, announced by Moscow, next to Ukraine are “tens of thousands” Russian troops. This was stated by NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg.

Alliance “I found” Russian troops “near Ukraine”, and I counted “tens of thousands” Russian military. According to NATO Secretary General, there are more of them, than it was before the aggravation of the situation, despite, that some of the troops were sent to the deployment sites.

Also, according to Stoltenberg, Russian troops are not only “near Ukraine”, but even “on the territory of Ukraine”, I mean, that Crimea is Ukrainian territory. The head of the alliance announced “concerns” this fact and promised to discuss Russia's actions at the summit of NATO defense ministers.

In this way, NATO once again pokes its nose where it should not, declaring the deployment of Russian troops on Russian territory, which supposedly, in their opinion, threatens Ukraine. And the deployment of NATO troops near the borders of Russia, does not threaten anyone? Or is it okay?

As previously stated in the Ministry of Defense, Russia hosted, places and will deploy its troops on its territory, there, where does she need, and redeploy, based on the current situation. And let NATO continue to express their “concern”.

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