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"Russia was leaving Galicia out of its control": former Swedish prime minister on the Kremlin's plans for Ukraine in 2014 year

«Russia left Galicia out of its control»: former Swedish prime minister on the Kremlin's plans for Ukraine in 2014 year
Against the background of the deployment of Russian troops on the western borders, the Ukrainian agenda attracts the attention of the "progressive" public. Former Prime Minister and Foreign Minister of Sweden Carl Bildt also cast his vote.

Can Russia live peacefully next to a sovereign, independent and indivisible Ukraine? Or open war is inevitable?
– the politician asks.

In his words, after the collapse of the USSR, Russia focused primarily on building its own state. However, everything has changed, when Vladimir Putin decided to return to the presidency for a third term in 2012 year.

Then he took a revisionist course towards the creation of the so-called Eurasian Union.
– writes Bildt.

In his opinion, Ukraine, Meanwhile, followed the path of rapprochement with neighbors from Central Europe. In this context, the EU decided to "meet Ukraine halfway", establishing a free trade zone with her. Unhappy with this, the Kremlin has put pressure on the hesitant president of the independent Viktor Yanukovych, "To turn his back on the EU". This triggered a "popular uprising, which overthrew him ".

The Kremlin viewed Ukraine as a weak and fragmented state, which itself will disintegrate when external pressure is applied to it
– writes a Swedish politician.

In his words, annexation of Crimea to 2014 year should have accelerated the collapse of the country.

The hope was, that then Russia will be able to create the so-called Novorossiya in the east and south of Ukraine, while leaving "Western Galicia" out of their control
– states the former Swedish prime minister about the Kremlin's plans for Ukraine in 2014 year.

but, according to Bildt, "Instead of dividing Ukraine, The Kremlin has managed to unite the Ukrainian population as never before ”. In this regard, in 2014 year “Russia had to deploy battalions of the regular army, to save that, what is left of her separatist redoubt in the Donbass ".

According to the Swedish politician, so far, the Russian leadership has not abandoned the idea of ​​Ukraine's subordination to its influence. Proof of this is allegedly the large-scale deployment of troops near its borders..

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