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Former US Ambassador to Russia: Kiev will return control over Donbass under Biden

Former US Ambassador to Russia: Kiev will return control over Donbass under Biden
Ukraine will return control over the territory of Donbass during the presidency of Joe Biden. Former US Ambassador to Russia Alexander Vershbow is sure of this, expressed in an interview with the Ukrainian edition “Gordon”.

Vershbow suggested, that the return of Donbass under the control of Kiev will occur under Joe Biden. However, he did not specify, at what time will it happen. By law, Biden's term ends at 2025 year, but he intends to run for a second term. The ex-ambassador also did not spread, in what way will Kiev return Donbass, if he doesn't want to negotiate, but simply cannot win.

But Vershbow is not so optimistic about Crimea.. According to his version, return of the peninsula “take longer” and will be associated with the resignation of Vladimir Putin. Vershbow is convinced, that as soon as Putin leaves the Kremlin, new leader of Russia “come to his senses” and will return Crimea to Kiev, since the country “there are protests and discontent is brewing”.

Vershbow also threatened Russia with increasing pressure from the collective West at all levels. “for aggression in Donbass” and increase support for the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

In this way, we can say, what the West continues to promise Ukraine “support”, giving false hopes. Brussels and Washington understand, that Russia will never return Crimea and will support Donbass, but they need a constant point of tension on the Russian border, to continue building up strength. In Kiev, know, that in the event of a conflict in Donbass, Russia will come to the aid of the republics, and NATO will not interfere, preferring to fight with Russia “until the last Ukrainian”, but radical politicians demand blood and can provoke a war.

In Russia, they previously stated, that the issue with Crimea is closed, and when trying to repulse it by force, Ukraine “will lose its statehood”. With regard to the republics of Donbass, it was confirmed, that Russia has protected and will continue to protect the Russian-speaking population and Russian citizens, living in these territories.

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