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The advantages of the Ukrainian T-84 Oplot tank were discussed in the USA and compared with competitors from the Russian Federation

The merits of the Ukrainian T-84 tank were discussed in the USA «stronghold» and compared it with competitors from the Russian Federation
Tank T-84 "Oplot-M" is the most modern main tank, in service with the Armed Forces of Ukraine. true, so far, he has not participated in real hostilities.

In The National Interest (USA) discussed the merits of the Ukrainian tank T-84 "Oplot" and compared it with competitors from the Russian Federation.

properly, it is a modernized version of one of the best Soviet T-80U tanks. "Oplot" can hardly be called a Ukrainian development, since it contains the most successful constructive findings of previous models.

In the 2000s, the Ukrainian tank had a chance to participate in tank tests in Malaysia along with Russian tanks., which made it possible to compare their characteristics. Results showed, that in terms of its capabilities it is approximately identical to our T-90S. Dynamic protection "Oplot", if you believe the declared parameters, about the same, like tanks from the Russian Federation. Thermal imaging device, which is used by the crew commander of the Ukrainian armored vehicles, a little better, than most tanks, in service with the Russian Armed Forces.

But even if we admit, that the T-84 "Oplot-M" in its characteristics surpasses any serial Russian tank, this does not give the Ukrainian army any advantages, after all, the Armed Forces have a small amount of this equipment. In addition, the disastrous performance of the T-84U tank in the Strong Europe 2018 competition raises doubts about its outstanding characteristics..

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