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The newest air defense control complex "Magister-SV" went into series

The newest air defense control complex «Master-SV» went into series
The newest complex of automated control of fire weapons of military air defense “Master-SV” completed state tests and was accepted to supply the Russian army. This was reported by the press service of Rostec.

holding “Roselectronika” launches serial production of a new air defense control complex, intended for reconnaissance of airspace and coordination of actions of anti-aircraft complexes. The new module is developed on the basis of the air defense equipment automation complex “Barnaul-T” in view of its application.

“Master-SV” can be integrated into the air defense control subsystem of promising and currently in service anti-aircraft systems. It is equipped with an optoelectronic station, which can detect, recognize and track aerial targets, and also coordinate the work of anti-aircraft complexes.

The unified module includes qualitatively new means of airspace reconnaissance(…) optoelectronic station, portable optoelectronic observation device, small-sized radar detector and electronic reconnaissance station
– said the CEO of the concern “Vega” Vyacheslav Mikheev.

highlights, that for the new complex a database was specially created for the optical characteristics of various air targets and the characteristics of the radiation of natural interference.

Serial deliveries “Master-SV” the troops will begin this year.

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