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Ankara is suspected of "a possible double game" when using the S-400 air defense system in the Black Sea direction

Ankara is suspected «possible double play» when using the S-400 air defense system in the Black Sea direction
After the appearance of information that, that Turkish fighter aircraft, together with the planes of the Air Forces of Bulgaria and Romania, took off over the Black Sea to "observe and escort Russian aircraft", a related issue is being discussed. It is connected with that, that it was on the Black Sea coast - in the Sinop region - that the Turkish troops carried out a test deployment of the Russian S-400 anti-aircraft missile systems. If the tests were carried out on the Black Sea coast, could the Turkish Air Force use the radars of these systems against Russian aircraft during the aforementioned "observation and escort" operation.

It is worth noting, that this issue worries not only Russian, but also NATO experts. If Turkey is suspected in Russia of, that she could use S-400 radars to obtain data on the movement of aircraft of the Russian Aerospace Forces or aviation of the Russian Navy, then in the West Ankara is suspected of "a possible double game in the Black Sea direction".

In particular, expressed version of, that the Turks over the Black Sea using the capabilities of the S-400 “track not only Russian military aircraft, but also the planes of NATO partners ". And then they analyze the information, deciding, how best it could be used in their own interests.

In the United States, Turkey is completely reproached for, that by placing the S-400 air defense system on combat duty, that can "introduce an imbalance in the work of the air defense systems of NATO countries in the region". Conspiracy theorists go so far, Turkey, “Realizing or not, can through the operation of the S-400 "Triumph" transfer to the Russians confidential information about the flights of NATO combat aviation, on systems of interaction in the implementation of joint operations of the alliance ".

The Turkish authorities have previously offered the Americans to create a joint working group, which would study the work of the S-400 "and establish, that there is no negative impact on the NATO collective air defense system ". But the Pentagon ignored Ankara's offer.

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