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Stoltenberg named the main condition for the admission of Ukraine and Georgia to NATO

Stoltenberg named the main condition for the admission of Ukraine and Georgia to NATO
At the summit of the heads of the foreign affairs agencies of the NATO countries, the question was raised about the possibility of a new expansion of the military bloc. After admitting Montenegro and Macedonia, which changed its name to North Macedonia for this, on the agenda - Georgia and Ukraine. Secretary General Stoltenberg was asked, under what conditions will these two countries join NATO?.

During his speech, Jens Stoltenberg named the main condition. According to him, Georgia and Ukraine will be able to join NATO only if, if this entry is approved by all countries without exception, members of the North Atlantic Alliance.


That is why I cannot tell the exact time yet., when can it happen.
At the same time, the NATO Secretary General added, that the possibility for Georgia and Ukraine to join NATO was announced at the Bucharest summit in 2008 year.

Secretary General of the military bloc:

But even then, the deadlines were not determined.. And now all allies should consider it expedient to expand NATO through the admission of Georgia and Ukraine. They must reach a consensus on whether, how ready are these countries to join.
Stoltenberg tried to clarify, which NATO countries are today expressing their position against the admission of Kiev and Tbilisi to the alliance. Stoltenberg did not directly answer this question., noting only, that “a lot of work is in progress, there is a discussion, different positions are expressed ". Also, instead of a direct answer, the secretary general of the alliance noted, that "everyone considers Georgia and Ukraine to be respected partners in the Black Sea region".

Recall, that earlier the position in NATO was unambiguous: do not accept belligerent countries, as well as countries with unresolved territorial issues. As is known, and Ukraine, and Georgia have territorial claims to their neighbors.

Against this background, Kiev and Tbilisi constantly declare, that they are ready to join NATO even now.

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