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Russia reacted to the refusal of the Biden administration from direct dialogue with Putin

Russia reacted to the refusal of the Biden administration from direct dialogue with Putin
The main foreign ministry of Russia commented on the situation with the reaction of Washington to the offer of Vladimir Putin to Joe Biden to hold a live conversation. Recall, that Putin proposed to organize such a discussion option either on Friday (already past), either on monday. First, White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki said, that the president of the United States is "busy on Friday". Then reports came from the United States that, that there will be no dialogue on the air and on Monday 22 Martha.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation declares its regret over the fact, that Washington did not support the initiatives of the President of the Russian Federation.

Press service of the Russian Foreign Ministry:

Another opportunity missed to find a way out of the Washington-caused impasse in Russian-American relations. The responsibility for this rests entirely with the United States..
In the media circles of the United States itself, several positions are expressed on this matter.. If the media, controlled by the Democratic Party, trying to somehow shield Biden, Expressing, that "he has nothing to talk about with dictators", then in other media about Biden they speak simply and directly, Noting, that the 46th President of the United States is simply not ready for a direct conversation on important topics. After all, if Biden was on the air against Vladimir Putin, the, as noted, the only thing, what he can do in this situation - "insults and unsubstantiated attacks".

Recall, that formerly the eldest son of Donald Trump, commenting on Joe Biden's statements recently, notes, that the president is not in front of the eyes, and "empty suit, who cannot even express his thoughts with the help of a teleprompter ".

Russian experts note, that Biden's refusal to speak directly with Putin also testifies to the, that the decisions for the 78-year-old president of the United States are made by completely different people, but he himself is not able to analyze the situation and draw conclusions. also added, that in the case of the next call from Biden to the Kremlin (how it was a few weeks ago) Russian president too “may be too busy, to answer such a call”.

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