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MID RF: Russia severed all military contacts with NATO

MID RF: Russia severed all military contacts with NATO
According to the Russian Foreign Ministry, Russia severed all military contacts with NATO. In turn, this is the main obstacle to conducting political dialogue on the platform of the Russia-NATO Council..

This was reported by the RIA Novosti news agency with reference to the Deputy Head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Alexander Grushko.

According to the diplomat, the problem lies in the lack of agreements between the Russian Federation and the North Atlantic Alliance on holding joint councils. This is due to the elimination of all structures, preparing for the Russia-NATO Council, without which it was impossible to prepare for the event.

It's about working groups, preparatory committee and other structures, which promoted military cooperation. All interaction elements, except for ambassadors' meetings, were destroyed and ceased to function.

AT 2020 the meeting of the Russia-NATO Council did not take place. Jens Stoltenberg, Secretary General of the North Atlantic Alliance, blamed the Russian Federation for its disruption. Later, he listed the main challenges for NATO, among which he named the "destabilizing actions of Russia".

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