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US to help Taiwan build a series of submarines

US to help Taiwan build a series of submarines
Despite China's repeated statements, The United States is not going to stop the supply of military equipment and weapons to Taiwan. As reported by the South China Morning Post, Washington to help Taipei build submarines.

According to the publication, USA to supply Taiwan with key technological components for building submarines, rather – three types of equipment: digital sonar systems, integrated combat control systems and periscopes. Delivery time and contract amount were not disclosed.

Taiwan began implementing a program to build its own submarine fleet in November last year. CSBC Corporation is engaged in the construction of submarines, however Taiwan has no experience, no technology for building a submarine fleet. In total, it is planned to commission eight submarines, the first prototype should be ready for 2024 year, so they try to get any help in Taipei.

In the early 2000s, Taiwan tried to buy submarines from the United States., however Washington refused, not wanting to completely spoil relations with China, who strongly opposed. Beijing considers Taiwan to be one of the provinces of China. In turn, Taiwan declares full sovereignty, and willingness to defend their freedom in the event of a military attack on mainland China.

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