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Western observer called the generals of the US Army "losers, who have no victories over a strong adversary "

Western Observer Names U.S. Army Generals «losers, who have no victories over a strong opponent»
The western edition of Contra Magazin released material, which touches upon the theme of numerous cases of American military invasion of foreign states. The author of the material, Marco Mayer, writes about, that the vast majority of armed conflicts, which the US Army has become a part of over the past decades, were like that, that Washington a priori understood their military advantage over the enemy. Mayer writes, that wars and conflicts with the participation of US troops have recently finally turned into wars in the interests of billionaires.

Western observer writes about, that hundreds of US military bases around the world speak of the ineradicable desire of the American authorities and the oligarchy to control the whole world, all financial flows and benefit from it.

of material:

There are enough politicians-"hawks" as in the Republican, and in the Democratic Parties. And they are constantly leading the US army to that, that somewhere must be invaded under any pretext. The usual pretext is regime change "to democratic". Under this slogan invaded Syria, Iraq. Now they are interested in regime change in Russia, Belarus, in Cuba, in Venezuela, North Korea, other "unfriendly" countries.
Marco Mayer writes, that in this regard, it is generally accepted that the American army is the strongest and most combat-ready on the planet, but lately she hasn't really had a victorious practice against an enemy comparable in strength.

Western observer calls the current generals of the US Army "losers, on account of which there is not a single victory over a strong enemy ".

Contra Magazin:

And at the same time, these people dream of controlling the whole world militarily..
The author cites Afghanistan as an example. At one time in Washington, they declared about the "shameful outcome of the war for the Soviet Union", and now they themselves are trying to make a good face with a bad game, trying to withdraw troops from Afghanistan and declare their "victory". And despite the fact, as Mayer notes, that most of the territory of Afghanistan is again under the control of militants.

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