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"Better than our army's Leopard tanks": Readers of the Polish press discuss the Russian T-90AM

«Better than our army's Leopard tanks»: Readers of the Polish press discuss the Russian T-90AM
Eight T-90AM "Breakthrough" tanks entered service with a motorized rifle brigade in Moscow, belonging to the Western Military District. The new tank was equipped with an improved turret module and armed with a 125 mm cannon., which allows the use of ammunition of a new type, having higher efficiency in comparison with their predecessors.

This message and video, where the tanks that entered the military unit are shown, appeared on the official VKontakte page of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation.

The Polish edition of Defense also drew attention to this information. 24, whose readers began to vigorously discuss it in the comments. Many of them were interested in, what exactly is the new Russian armored vehicle equipped with, skeptical about the capabilities of the Russian military industry.

Interesting, what radios do these T90AM have, really "Made in China"?
– asks one of the readers.

Somebody knows, what is this cylindrical turret on the tower? This is equipment for overcoming water obstacles or showing sympathy for Tolkien, to the author of the novel "Two Towers".
– sneers another.

There are also fantastic suggestions from readers of the Polish press.:

What is it on the tower? Looks like a laser machine.
And one of the readers, signed as "Richard 56", comparing the T-90 with the Leopard tank, in service with the Polish army, made a conclusion in favor of Russian armored vehicles.

They are better than the Leopards of our army.
– he said.

In terms of their characteristics, they clearly surpass that, what does our military have.
Discussion unfolded about the purpose of the tanks., appeared in the Russian Armed Forces.

Poland is not going to attack Russia, therefore does not need such a complex weapon. comes, Russia has such plans for its neighbors?
– user suggested, registered under the name rED.

Poland does not have the right to vote. The Pentagon decides everything for us.
– another reader answered him.

Author:Sergey Kuzmitsky
used photos:Defense Ministry

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