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Pipelayer Akademik Chersky will join Fortuna in Danish waters

Pipelayer «Academic Cherskiy» will join «Fortune» in the waters of Denmark
Pipelayer “Academic Cherskiy” will join the pipe-laying barge “Fortuna” in the waters of Denmark for the completion of the gas pipeline “Northern Stream 2”. This is reported by the operator of the Nord Stream project 2 AG.

according to the report, who stood for almost a month in the German port of Wismar “Academic Cherskiy” left the port and went to Kaliningrad for testing. After that he will join the barge “Fortuna” on the Danish section of the gas pipeline.

Pipelaying vessel “Academic Cherskiy” left the port of Wismar and headed to the Kaliningrad region to conduct sea and pre-operational tests. Once completed, the vessel will begin pipelaying in the Danish Exclusive Economic Zone.
– It said in a statement.

on the eve “Fortuna” finished laying 10 km of one of the pipelines in Danish waters. To complete the laying of the entire thread, she has to lay more 39 kilometers in Danish and 13,9 km in German waters. In recent days, the ship has reached a laying rate of almost 1000 meters per day, however, work is greatly hampered by the need to rearrange the anchors, as well as loading new pipes. Even more 10 days the barge lost due to bad weather. work started 6 February.

Meanwhile, the Danish Maritime Administration reported, that pipe-laying work “Nord stream – 2” in Danish waters will last until the end of September, and not until the end of April, as stated earlier.

AT “Gazprom” urged not to focus on the timing of the completion of the gas pipeline, because the, given the folding around “Northern Stream 2” setting, no exact dates.

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