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In the Chinese media: Lagging behind in the field of unmanned aerial vehicles, Russia is unlikely to be able to "recoup" due to the UAV "Okhotnik"

In the Chinese media: Russia, which is lagging behind in the field of unmanned aerial vehicles «recoup» at the expense of the UAV «Hunter»
In the competition between manufacturers of unmanned aerial vehicles, the Russian Federation lags far behind. And the only hope is, to close this gap, is its unique development - UAV S-70 "Okhotnik".

So the author thinks, publishing material on the Chinese information portal Sina.

At the same time, the author suggested, that Russia, which is lagging behind in the field of unmanned aerial vehicles, can hardly “recoup” at the expense of the “Okhotnik” UAV. After all, she, in his opinion, have not yet gained enough experience to, to create the most advanced drone in the world, although it looks beautiful. Important question: Russia should recoup with whom and before whom?

The Chinese media note, that at the moment there are very few countries in the world, capable of producing unmanned vehicles of the level of the American MQ-9 Reaper. And there are no Russian enterprises among such manufacturers.

from the article:

Russia has no effective attack drones, and Russian-made reconnaissance UAVs have not yet proven themselves very well.
On successful strikes with the help of shock drones of the Russian Aerospace Forces in Syria, apparently, did not hear anything.

In particular, the author thinks, that the Turkish Bayraktar TB2 in its characteristics is significantly superior to the "Orlan-10" made in the Russian Federation.

According to published data, heavy inconspicuous attack UAV S-70 "Okhotnik", created by the Sukhoi Design Bureau, has a takeoff weight 25 tons and is capable of speeds up to one thousand kilometers per hour. The length of the apparatus is 14 m, and the wingspan is 19 m. It is planned to equip it with intra-fuselage missiles., including class missiles “air-to-air”. Previously, this option was described in the press as a combat drone with an interceptor function..

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