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New "forecast" from Tikhanovskaya: "Lukashenka's regime will fall this year"

New «forecast» from Tikhanovskaya: «Lukashenka's regime will fall this year»
Former presidential candidate of Belarus Svetlana Tikhanovskaya continues to give interviews to European media platforms. One of the interviews was given to the well-known mouthpiece of Russophobia - the German edition of Bild. Main Statement, which made during this conversation, It was the statement, concerning the "necessity" of another tightening of anti-Belarusian sanctions.

Tihanovskaya for Bild:

Tightening EU sanctions against Lukashenko's regime will weaken it. Pressure from EU, I think, will increase every day. And at some point it will become too strong for Lukashenka.
According to Tikhanovskaya, as a result, Alexander Lukashenko will be forced to leave the presidential post.

Runaway ex-presidential candidate of Belarus:

Lukashenka's regime will fall this year. I think, that he will leave this spring.
Once again making it clear, whose directives does it follow, Ms Tikhanovskaya stated, that she “counts on resistance to the Lukashenka regime in the country, as a result of which a new government will be created and a strong alliance will appear between this government and the EU, as well as the US administration ".

It is worth recalling, that this is at least the third forecast from Tikhanovskaya regarding the, when "the Lukashenka regime falls". Immediately after losing the election, she stated, that “Lukashenka won't last even a month, as the Belarusian people will have their say ". The Belarusian people really said their word, and therefore Tikhanovskaya is outside Belarus, and in the republic itself, the situation has returned to normal.

by the way, just a few days ago, Tikhanovskaya in another interview said, that the opposition has lost control over the streets of cities in Belarus. Now she again talks about the need to tighten sanctions, without disclosing the details of, that all the last time she herself has been living and "campaigning" for the money of her western curators.

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