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In the Polish press: Middle East doesn't want to buy Russian Su-57 fighter

In the Polish press: Middle East doesn't want to buy Russian Su-57 fighter
The Polish press decided to publish the material, who, in terms of information, would put a spoke in the wheels of Russian military-technical exports. An article was published in the military-themed publication Defense24, which concerns the presentation of the Russian fifth generation fighter Su-57 at the international exhibition IDEX-2021, these days taking place in Abu Dhabi (OAE).

According to a Polish author, despite, that Russia is trying to promote its fighter to the foreign market, including the Asian market, "The Middle East does not want to buy the Russian Su-57".

The Polish press states, that Russia "had problems exporting its fighter".

From an article in Defense24:

The Middle East is considered the most important market for the products of the Russian defense industry. Especially when it comes to combat aircraft and the Su-57 in particular. But while Russia has problems in this regard.
celebrated, that part of the Middle Eastern countries intend to receive the American-made F-35, and part - is considering the possibility of acquiring a Chinese J-20.

At the same time, the Polish observer does not indicate that, which countries in the Middle East are going to buy a Chinese fighter, called in China itself a "new generation" fighter.

Polish press:

Earlier, India withdrew from the FGFA joint program with Russia. Turkey now shows its disinterest in acquiring the Su-57 from Russia. Not interested in the plane Qatar and Saudi Arabia, who are aiming to buy the F-35. And the UAE itself, where is the arms exhibition, also have not yet shown interest in the Russian fighter.
In the comments to this material, Polish readers note, that in the same Middle East they may show interest in the Su-57 after, how those in the final version will appear in service with the Russian Aerospace Forces.

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