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Israel upgraded the Trophy active protection complex

Israel upgraded the Trophy active protection complex
Israel upgraded active protection complex (KAZ) Trophy. As Jane's reports referring to the message of the Rafael company, the upgraded version of the complex received an electro-optical all-round viewing system.

As the vice president of the Israeli company Michael Lurie explained, the system received a number of new sensors, significantly improving the operation of the complex “for a number of parameters”. The new complex is already being supplied to the Israel Defense Forces (AOI) for installation on tanks Merkava Mk 4 and Namer heavy armored personnel carriers. Previously delivered systems will be upgraded to the level of a new complex.

Besides, Israel has already offered the United States to modernize the Trophy complexes, supplied to equip tanks M1 Abrams of the American army. Rafael announced the completion of the contract for the supply of active protection systems in the United States in early January this year..

highlights, that the company is constantly working to improve the Trophy active protection system.

KAZ Trophy in the previous form has a detection radar Elta EL / M-2133 with four fixed antennas with a PAR, and two rotary launchers, firing buckshot fragmentation shots to defeat flying anti-tank ammunition.

The complex is designed to destroy relatively low-speed RPG grenades and ATGM missiles and is not capable of hitting sub-caliber shells and high-speed ATGMs. Like other modern defense systems, tank-mounted, Trophy imposes serious restrictions on the presence of infantry at the combat vehicle.

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