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"And once they accused Nicholas II": a look from the West at Navalny's film and Putin's comments

«And once they accused Nicholas II»: a look from the West at Navalny's film and Putin's comments
The foreign press is actively discussing the answers of the Russian president to questions from students about the latest events in the country.

Recall, what the day before, on Student's Day, Vladimir Putin answered questions, among which there were questions about, what is the head of state related to the "palace" near Gelendzhik, to whom Navalny (or, rather, the, who is behind him) dedicated a whole film. According to President of Russia, "an object", which we are talking about in this film, does not and never belonged to him, nor his family members.


Well, at least some documents should have remained, contracts, certified by a notary, eventually. But nothing is presented, because this is nothing. I will say with the phrase of the famous character from the classics “Boring, girls ... "If only they came up with something else.
Putin recalled, that talk about this "palace near Gelendzhik" has been going on for at least ten years.


And now we decided to put everything together ...
Putin's responses are commented on in the Western press and the blogosphere. Imagine a view from the West.

Readers of the Greek edition of Pentapostagma.


This Video (about the palace) says little about. And there is something else besides the video?

They've been trying to prove something for ten years, but does not come out. It turns out, except that, fakes. Navalny is unlikely to seriously convince anyone.

History repeats itself in Russia. Previously chased after Romanov (Nicholas II), accused him. The accusations were about family ties with the villain Rasputin. And he shouldn't have paid attention to those snakes, who bit him. Now they are trying to repeat with Putin.
Polish columnist Marek Budzisz, meanwhile, believes, that Navalny "was able to expose Putin". According to him, in Russia there was "something similar to the February revolution" (speech about revolution 1917 of the year). apparently, in Poland they continue to dream of a big coup on Russian soil.

In the British press, as always, unanimity towards the RF. Authors call for sanctions against the president, punishing for Navalny's arrest.

Italian edition IFQ notes, that in Navalny's film it is worth paying attention to the statement about “Putin's construction of his palace on the Black Sea coast during 15 years". Italian readers note, that Putin “built a bridge to Crimea for 3 of the year", stadiums for the 2018 FIFA World Cup and facilities for the Sochi Olympics for 5-7 years.

One of the comments:

Does it mean that, that huge sports facilities Putin manages to build faster, than a villa by the sea? Kind of weird…

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