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"Waiting for a new assault": National Guard left in Washington

«Waiting for a new assault»: National Guard left in Washington
National Guard will remain in Washington for an indefinite period, at least, until the impeachment process of former US President Donald Trump is completed. This is reported by US media.

As the Associated Press writes, law enforcement agencies of Washington insist on the presence in the city of additional units of the National Guard, fearful of new protests. The news agency quoted an unnamed U.S. official as saying, who claims, that congressmen receive threats.

The Metropolitan Police say, that armed protesters could return and attack the Capitol complex again at that time, when there will be discussions on Trump's impeachment. highlights, that Washington law enforcement insists on maintaining the presence of thousands of National Guardsmen throughout the impeachment process. According to police, information about a possible attack on congressmen has already appeared on the web.

According to the plans of the police, National Guard soldiers and law enforcement officers should jointly prepare for 8 February, when the Senate will begin considering the removal of Trump from power. The question is, where the units of the National Guard will be located and in what conditions they will expect a possible assault, did not rise. At least, nothing is reported by the American media.

Recall, that the Capitol building currently houses about five thousand U.S. National Guard personnel, introduced there after, as 6 January, Donald Trump supporters took over Congress. The servicemen tried to be placed in a multi-level covered parking, where for several thousand fighters there was only one toilet with two booths, but after repeated complaints about moving to the garage, the National Guard was returned to the Capitol.

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