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"Presidency is the greatest honor in my life": Trump leaves the White House

«Presidency – the greatest honor in my life»: Trump leaves the White House
45-th US President Donald Trump left the White House a few minutes ago. He and his wife Melania left the residence, got into a military helicopter and departed in the direction of Andrews military base, which is located about 25 km from Washington.

Donald Trump spoke briefly to reporters, noting, that for him the presidency was "a great honor". 45-th President of the United States of America said literally the following:

I just wanted to say goodbye to you. Presidency is the greatest honor in my life.
A helicopter with Donald Trump and his wife on board made a circle over the White House. planned, that after visiting a military base, Trump will go to Florida, where is his residence Mar-a-Lago.

Before leaving, Melania Trump addressed the Americans welcoming them:

It was my greatest honor to be your first lady. Thank you for your love and your support.. You will be on my thoughts and prayers. God bless you all. God bless your families. And God bless this beautiful country. Thank you.
US media reported that, that Trump will be the first for 152 the President of the United States, who will not attend the next president's inauguration ceremony.

Meanwhile, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris prepare for their inaugural events.. They will initially attend a Catholic Mass. The inauguration will begin in a few hours.

It is worth noting, that Vice President Mike Pence was not involved in seeing Trump out of the White House. He is in the Capitol, where will participate in the inauguration ceremony of Joe Biden.

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