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The British press: In the US, IT giants supported a coup and overthrew Trump

The British press: In the US, IT giants supported a coup and overthrew Trump
The world's largest IT companies pose a threat to US political power, they supported the coup and overthrew the incumbent US President Donald Trump. Neil Ferguson writes about this in an article for the British edition of Spectator.

According to the author, for years, American conservatives have been behind the resistance to the so-called “big flow” (large companies, regulating the Internet and social networks, eg, Google, Facebook, etc.), but they themselves allowed these companies to interfere in politics, not passing the relevant effective laws in time, prohibiting “big flow” do it.

Elections 2020 year showed, that the threat of online platform interference in politics has become real, today they represent a new kind of power over people. Facebook, Twitter, Google and Apple established dominance over the public sphere. People, owning these online platforms, as well as those who worked in them, suddenly began to determine, who and how to write on the Internet, who can be blocked there and for what.

After the last election, Twitter began to write warnings to Trump's tweets about, that the author has health problems, and after the invasion of the Capitol by the president's supporters, all the same Twitter and Facebook blocked many accounts, including Trump himself, because of invented pretexts. When Trump supporters tried to move the discussion from Twitter to rival platform Parler, Apple and Google quickly denied Parler technical support, thereby demonstrating their power.

Thus, there were two coup attempts in the United States.. If the attempted invasion of the Capitol fails, then a coup, carried out “big tekom”, crowned with triumphant success. IT giants staged a coup in the United States and overthrew incumbent President Donald Trump.

“Big tek” – that's who the real election winner is 2020 of the year. These are our “new rulers”, sums up the British edition.

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