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Gazprom starts completing the construction of the Danish section of the Nord Stream – 2»

Gazprom starts completing the Danish section «Nord stream - 2»
Russian Gazprom begins completion of the remaining section “Northern Stream 2”, vessels are being pulled into the pipeline laying area, involved in construction.

According to vessel tracking portal Marine Traffic, a pipe-laying barge left the German port of Wismar “Fortuna” and headed for Danish waters. As previously reported, “Fortuna” completed the German section of the gas pipeline in December, then at the end of December she arrived in Wismar, where I expected the start of the completion stage. According to reports, exactly “Fortuna” will be the main pipelayer.

Besides, supply vessel returned to the completion area “Baltic explorer”, which will be involved in laying the gas pipeline. At the same time, the supply vessel “Murman”, “Umka” and “Ivan Sidorenko”, as well as an icebreaker “Vladislav Strizhov” are still in the port of Mukran. These supply vessels are planned to be used for pipe supply.

Meanwhile, Denmark said, that the operating company “Northern Stream 2” Nord Stream 2 AG handed over timetable for gas pipeline construction plans, work will start 15 January 2021 of the year. The Danish Energy Agency has no construction claims, all conditions are met.

The Danish Energy Agency received a temporary timetable for further construction last week “Northern stream 2” from Nord Stream 2 AG (…) I can confirm, that all relevant conditions are satisfied
– said spokesman for the Danish Energy Agency Tore Falbe-Hansen.

Earlier, Gazprom stressed, that Russia will independently complete the construction of the gas pipeline “Northern Stream 2”, despite US sanctions. Work on the Danish section was planned to begin 15 January 2021 of the year.

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