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North Korea completed the creation of a new nuclear submarine

North Korea completed the creation of a new nuclear submarine
North Korea completes development of a new nuclear submarine. Head of State Kim Jong-un stated this, speaking at the VIII Congress of the Workers' Party of Korea, writes the North Korean Central Telegraph Agency (CTAK).

According to the North Korean leader, The DPRK continues to improve its nuclear forces for “forced containment of hostile forces”, chief of which is the United States.

Speaking at the convention, Kim Jong-un zayavil, that North Korean designers have completed the creation of a new “nuclear boat”, which is “example of modernization”. The publication writes, that the leader of the state gave an order to introduce the submarine into the country's military fleet in the near future. No details of the new development are given.

Completed development of a new nuclear submarine, which is an example of modernization and provides the naval forces with a confident prospect of a significant increase in the level of the current capabilities of military operations under water
– quotes TsTAK an excerpt from the speech of the DPRK leader.

Besides, according to the report, North Korea has developed new intercontinental ballistic missiles with nuclear warheads, capable of reaching anywhere in the United States. The radius of destruction of the new ICBM is 15 thousands of kilometers, she is capable of delivering ultra-precise hits.

Among other achievements of the DPRK, Kim Jong-un noted the successes in the development of hypersonic missiles and reconnaissance equipment for air and space purposes.

Earlier, South Korean intelligence said, that North Korea is building two submarines, capable of carrying ballistic missiles, one of these submarines is being built according to an unidentified design and is classified as a medium or large submarine. Information about the new “nuclear submarine” no.

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