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Chinese press: "Russia has the most effective anti-missile shield"

Chinese press: «Russia has the most effective anti-missile shield »
American publications about the weakness of the Russian anti-aircraft and anti-missile systems are not true, writes the Chinese edition Zhongguo Junwang. According to the author, Russia has the most effective anti-missile shield.

The Russian military has recently accelerated the development and deployment of new air defense missile systems, author writes. Systematic tests of air defense systems already in service and planned for delivery to the troops show, that the Russian missile defense shield is capable of withstanding American threats.

Author, referring to the publications of the Russian media, He writes, that the Russian military over the past year has modernized the air defense system in the most dangerous western and southern directions, which ultimately led to an increase in the range of defense means by half and an increase in efficiency by 20%. In the east of Russia, after the introduction of the S-300V4 air defense system on the Kuril Islands, the air defense zone tripled.

In the near future, the Russian air defense system S-500 will enter service with the air defense “Prometheus” new generation, capable of not only fighting all types of air threats, including hypersonic, but also to repel an attack from space.

Upgrading air defense missiles, already facing armed, Russia is consistently expanding the range and height of destruction of enemy air attack weapons. Besides, Russian military deployed early warning network for missile attack, capable of detecting missile launches from the territory of a potential enemy.

according to the report, Russia has built on its territory a multidirectional radiation, coordinated and effective intelligence and early warning network
– author writes.

All Russian air defense systems are integrated into a common aerospace defense system and are capable of not only working with other air defense and missile defense systems, but also receive target designation from aviation, land and sea facilities. At the same time, the aerospace defense command and control network is fully automated and can simultaneously process more than 10 thousands of targets with a full response time of about 15 minutes.

According to calculations and simulations, to 2025 year, the Russian air defense system, unmassively attacked 2000 enemy missiles or during pinpoint attacks from space, will intercept about 90% ballistic missiles, and during a massive attack – about 40% sea-based cruise missiles. After 2030 the corresponding indicators have been achieved more than 95% and 70%.

In this way, Russia already possesses one of the most effective anti-missile shields, which will only get stronger over time, sums up the author.

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