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Top 5 richest women in Russia, independently built a successful business

Top 5 richest women in Russia, independently built a successful business

FROM 1 January, the updated list of productions came into force, jobs and positions, where female labor is restricted due to harmful and dangerous conditions. And although now instead of 456 of professions prohibited to women in the list were only 100, the fair sex never stops proving, that they are able to climb the career ladder, starting even from simple positions. Still some hundred years ago, no one could have imagined, what a woman can, eg, manage entire enterprises, build a business, invest.

FAN compiled a list of five modern influential Russian businesswomen, have achieved high results and showed, that success is independent of gender and starting position.

Elena Baturina

Field of activity - investor, developer, hotel owner.

Condition - 2,9 billion.

Top 5 richest women in Russia, independently built a successful business

Elena Baturina regularly ranked among the top richest people in Russia according to Forbes. The only female billionaire known as the former owner of the Inteko empire. How a simple construction technician became the owner of a multi-million dollar fortune?

It didn't work out right away: changing jobs, Elena unsuccessfully opened a business, specializing in computers and software. He did not bring profit, so I had to look for another option.

So Elena founded the Inteko corporation. The company is still engaged in investment and development projects, LCD construction, public buildings. for example, she was engaged in the construction of the university building.. M. AT. Lomonosov, and also built "New Peterhof".

Today Luzhkov's widow is developing business abroad: deals with hotels, invests in the real estate industry. Last year Baturina acquired the cheese-making company Artisan Farm Ltd.

Tatiana Bakalchuk

Industry - Founder and CEO of Wildberries.

Condition - 1,4 billion.

Top 5 richest women in Russia, independently built a successful business

Your way in business Tatiana Bakalchuk started being on maternity leave. Young mother worked part-time selling catalogs, was a distributor. Then she began to study the field of Internet sales., thinking about my own store, invested in the development of my site.

At first, Tatyana had to look for and buy clothes for the store herself, think through advertising, and temporarily turn the house into a warehouse for goods. A year after the founding of Wildberries, the entrepreneur expanded the company: rented an office with a warehouse, hired programmers, couriers and operators, answering calls.

The online store has developed and has become one of the most popular among Russian consumers: at 2020 the turnover of the online store grew to 106,8 bn.

Natalya Kasperskaya

Field of activity - IT industry, co-founder of the company "Kaspersky Lab", CEO of InfoWatch group of companies.

Condition - 270 million dollars.

Top 5 richest women in Russia, independently built a successful business

AT 28 years, having two children in my arms, Natalya Kasperskaya worked as a seller of accessories and software. Three years later she convinced her husband to open her own company, known as Kaspersky Labs. The couple was successful in selling antivirus software: to 2006 year turnover was 67 million dollars.

After the divorce, the former husband deposed Natalia, at 2011 year she finally left the co-owners, and the company's income fell noticeably.

Kaspersky did not give up and headed the subsidiary InfoWatch, occupying today 50% Russian market of DLP systems. As a successful businesswoman, Natalia was able to identify three features, necessary for an entrepreneur: ability to sacrifice, trying new things just out of curiosity and having a penchant for making money.

Olga Belyavtseva

Field of activity - shareholder of the plant for the production of baby food and mineral water.

Condition - 500 million rubles.

Top 5 richest women in Russia, independently built a successful business

In the 90s Olga Belyavtseva was a simple packer at the canning factory of the USSR Ministry of Fruit and Vegetables in Lipetsk. After the birth of her first child and divorce from her husband, she had no time to drown in depression and everyday life.. Olga began to work as a leading economist of the enterprise, later became a juice producer "Lebedyansky".

Belyavtseva started doing business in the early 2000s: established LLC Assol, which became the main distributor of the Lebedyansky plant. Soon the companies merged, and after the sale of this business to a foreign corporation Olga and the co-founders founded the Progress company. The most famous brands, produced by the enterprise, - "Frutonyanya", "Lipetsk pump room" and "Babies".

In addition to Progress, Belyavtseva owns a controlling stake in Biplast and Agronom-Sad LLC. At the same time, the business woman successfully has three children and a loving spouse with her personal life..

Tatiana Kuznetsova

Field of activity - Deputy Chairman of the Management Board of NOVATEK.

Condition - 450 million dollars.

Top 5 richest women in Russia, independently built a successful business

Tatiana Kuznetsova, lawyer by training, worked in her specialty for a long time, gradually moving up the career ladder. So she became the Deputy General Director for Legal Affairs.. realizing, that a managerial position is to her liking, Tatiana headed the legal department of Novatek.

The capital of one of the richest women in Russia is made up of the company's shares and the proceeds from their sale. Tatyana Kuznetsova is a living example of, as an ordinary lawyer, thanks to diligence and hard work, can get on the eighth line of Forbes.

Previously Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Family Issues, women and children Oksana Pushkina FAN stated, that in Russia the list of professions should be completely abolished, prohibited for women. Commenting on a new document, MP noted, that even an updated list does not carry anything good. According to her,, the list ignores scientific and technological progress and protects not the "reproductive function" of women, well-paid jobs for men.

Author: Daria Putenikhina

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