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In India: For the purchase of the S-400, the United States can "force" France to limit the supply of weapons for the Rafale fighters

In India: For the purchase of the S-400, the United States can «force» France to restrict arms supplies for Rafale fighters
The US Congress released a report, which discusses a contract for the supply of Russian S-400 anti-aircraft systems to India. This report was prepared by CRS, the Congressional Research Service, which includes representatives of both the Republican, and the Democratic Party.

The report states “expressions of concern about, that India has contracted Russian air defense systems ".

celebrated, that in accordance with the CAATSA package, the United States can impose sanctions against India immediately after the arrival of the first S-400 air defense systems from Russia to this country. Sanctions, in particular, may affect the Indian defense sector - for example, restrictions may be imposed on the supply of components to India for a particular technique.

In India itself, where the report caused concern, this option is also being considered, as a likely limitation of the supply of weapons for the Rafale fighters purchased from France. This version has the right to life, as the mentioned report considers the possibility of "limiting India's partnership with various arms suppliers". It has also been suggested, that here, too, the United States can declare the "incompatibility of the operation of technology, established in Russia, with technique, created in NATO countries ".

In other words, The United States is already ready to not just impose its own sanctions, but also to block the possibility of transactions in relations of third countries - as an example, France. As is believed in India, The United States can simply force it to restrict the sale of weapons for combat aircraft.

If this kind of restrictive measures are introduced, then the French Rafale fighters delivered to India may be unarmed. This is a significant blow for India, as on "Rafali" the country's Air Force places a big stake.

In the Indian press, commenting on American threats, write, that "the Congressional Research Service report is not an official report on behalf of all American parliamentarians.".

From Indian media:

Such reports are prepared by independent experts, and then passed on to legislators, so that they can make informed decisions.
Indian media express hope, that the United States still will not impose sanctions from the CAATSA package against India because of the S-400. However, earlier in the same India, it was reasonably stated, what if Washington imposed sanctions even against Turkey - NATO countries, then why are we (in India) We consider, that they will not be brought against us ".

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