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Ukraine will supply Indonesia with the anti-ship complex "Neptune"

Ukraine will supply Indonesia with an anti-ship complex «Neptune»
Ukraine will supply Indonesia with an anti-ship complex “Neptune”, the corresponding memorandum has already been signed. This is reported by Defense Express with reference to the Ukrainian special exporter of the State Enterprise SZTF “Progress”.

According to published information, Ukraine and Indonesia signed a memorandum on the conclusion of a contract for the supply of a complex of anti-ship cruise missiles RK-360MTS “Neptune”. If a contract is signed, Indonesia may become the first foreign buyer of a Ukrainian anti-ship complex.

The fact of signing the memorandum in Ukraine was received with great enthusiasm. The same Defense Express released an article with the headline: “for “Neptune” the line of foreign armies is already lining up: Indonesia will be the first importer of LCD-360MTS”.

reportedly, the signing of the memorandum was preceded by lengthy negotiations, during which Ukrainian specialists managed to convince the Indonesians of “the advantages of a number of Ukrainian weapons”. According to the company “Progress”, Besides “Neptune” Indonesians are interested in Ukrainian radars and aircraft missiles.

The Indonesian military praised the radar 90K6E from NPK “spark”. This mobile 3D all-round radar with transistor transmitter is designed to detect targets, flying at low, medium and high altitudes. Also, the military was interested in R-27 aircraft missiles
– the company said, adding, that Ukraine between 2010 by 2018 delivered five R-27 missiles to Indonesia in a year.

For our part, we note, that the anti-ship complex RK-360MTS “Neptune” was adopted by the Armed Forces of Ukraine at the end of this summer, but still hasn't gone into mass production. As recently announced in KB “Ray”, The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine does not allocate funds for the production of the complex, although previously reported, What's on 2021 year the funds for the purchase will be allocated after the reallocation.

Ukrainian “Neptune” – subsonic anti-ship cruise missile with declared firing range 300 km. Designed to destroy ships with a displacement of up to 5 thousand. tonnes, as well as coastal targets.

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