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Minister of High-tech Industry of Armenia: "Our military industrial complex must not relax"

Minister of High-tech Industry of Armenia: ««Our military-industrial complex cannot relax»»
Addressing individuals and organizations, related to the military-industrial complex, Minister of High-Tech Industry of Armenia Hakob Arshakyan urged them not to stop and not to lose vigilance. This applies as citizens of the country, and representatives of the Armenian diaspora abroad.

This appeal of the Armenian official appeared on his Facebook page.

It is directed to everyone, who, during the armed conflict with Azerbaijan, was engaged in the development of the military industry, supplied technologies and developments, created the latest weapons, provided assistance to enterprises of the military-industrial complex. He celebrated their 24/7 hard work, aimed at saving many lives of the Armenian military and helping them to effectively carry out their combat missions. Now you can't stop too, we must continue to do everything to strengthen the defense.

Us, our military-industrial complex (military-industrial complex) in no case should you stop, relax, lose vigilance and calm down. Continue your work with the same dedication, making every effort.
– Minister.

In conclusion, he thanked everyone, defense-related, for dedication and effort. Diasporas abroad received thanks from the Minister for the transfer of funds, that “help forge the defense potential of Armenia”.

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