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History of weapons: very good gun "Savage" 1907 of the year

History of weapons: very good gun «Sevidj» 1907 of the year Pistol "Savage" M1907

so, Arthur Savage made his name and on capital rifle with rotary magazine, who did not like war, but I am liking the Indians and hunters, and then he was drawn to create more and gun. And I must say, that he indeed managed to make a self-loading pistol, which made a significant contribution to the history of short firearms.

Some say even about, that it was a new era initiated. What Browning pistol sample 1900 year was, of course, same thing landmark, but «Sauvage» (so it, by the way, They called in France), after all, I was more significant in this regard. It was rapid-, precise and at the same time compact, very convenient for concealed carry, and I had the highest rate among all compact self-loading pistols, It came at a time, let alone the guns and say nothing. They are something he excelled on this indicator four times at least.

And it was a beautiful weapon, and looked good in the hand of the shooter. Of course, important in the gun, as with any weapon, - is his knockdown and other "deadly properties", but at the same time it has a value of, When all this is combined with the finality of its forms. The "deluxe version" this gun had an excellent engraving, and handle casing in this case is made of mother of pearl. Special attention to women were asked to pay, as the "Savage" as a self-defense weapon when concealed carry was offered and ladies.

by the way, advertising slogans firm "Savage" paid special attention on the fairer sex: "This weapon gives it courage, "Beats for her as a friend", Well, it is quite a short word - "Security" beat the nail, and in the eyes, because among people there are those exactly, Who today is called "bezopasnik" and well they could not pass weapons, which was like a specially created just for them.

Yes, Arthur Savage, creating a rifle with a unique rotating the rotary magazine and even counter cartridges, that visually show the number, all showed very high creative potential. And if his Model 99 It has become a model of advanced weapons culture at the turn of the centuries, the gun made it become a real weapon of the twentieth century. Although, its just that he personally and Savage did not create. He just bought patents, Elbert Hamilton received Searle 1905 year, and embodied his ideas in metal.

However, It needed to first understand its structure and assess, not even speaking about, to get a new gun to work, and work flawlessly. Let's start off with, that the original design, and differed very unusual system deceleration departing back-shutter casing, occurs after the shot. At that moment, when the bullet began to move along the trunk and crashed into him rifling, trunk, trying to crank in the direction, the opposite rotation of the bullet, He pressed special protrusion to the edge and some longitudinal curved recess on the valve casing, that slowed his roll back. Once the bullet leaves the barrel, this projection is no longer pressed on the cutout in the shutter-casing, and he is free to leave at the rearmost position.

History of weapons: very good gun «Sevidj» 1907 of the year "Ten fast, like lightning, shots: so you can shoot from the new "Savage" ". Advertising Savage pistol M1907 in the US

Searle himself engage in the creation of his pistol did not, but simply sold all the rights to his company Savage Arms Co. therefore, when he, finally, was born, then it called "Savage 1907". It immediately began to mass-produce, and in 1908 he appeared on the US arms market. And he had many original features.

History of weapons: very good gun «Sevidj» 1907 of the year The gun disassembled

History of weapons: very good gun «Sevidj» 1907 of the year Driving device Savage sample gun 1905 g. Patent USA804985

The main feature of the pistol was the placement of the return spring around the trunk, which significantly reduced the size of the front part. John Browning subsequently used this scheme in the gun "Browning 1910". Trigger the gun has the following features: the trigger is not hit by the hammer, and he has been linked with him thrust, mounted thereon to axis. That is, he simply moved them back and forth. The gate consisted of two parts: front and rear, which I was also a bit unusual.

As a protection against accidental firing safety lever is used, located to the left of the frame. Trigger pull on the hook for self-defense pistol can be considered optimal. On distance 9 meters using cartridges "Remington" with shell bullet weight 4,6 city, spread result is approximately 50 mm, that short-pistol with a total length of the barrel 89 mm is an excellent indicator.

The total length of the gun, by the way, too small - only 165 mm, that is, at the time of its introduction, it was the most compact and powerful pistol among his own kind. It was small and mass gun with no bullets - 539 g.

History of weapons: very good gun «Sevidj» 1907 of the year Article about the gun and the scheme of its devices in the journal "American rayflmen"

Another very important feature of the pistol was his box magazine, who had a two-row arrangement of cartridges. This store design as standard gun of the time was used for the first time. The gun shop was located 10 rounds. Besides, another cartridge can be inserted into the chamber manually. Meanwhile, the majority of the then guns had a magazine capacity only 7-8 rounds.

So it appeared on the market, "Savage 1907" raised "the bar" level of quality of these guns so high, that then for a long time, none of the vendors did not venture to mass-produce self-loading pistol, a similar model 1907 of the year. Of course, Mauser C-96, also had a double-row store, but it was located in front of the trigger guard, significantly affected the length and total weight. Members noted, that "Savage" was sitting perfectly in the hand, ie it does not hold when shooting arrow gave no difficulties.

Weight pistol with loaded magazine was 656 city, that is was too small, as the empty weight. AT 1913 It was started the production of pistols chambered .380 ACP, total length 180 mm. But the model chambered 9 mm were as popular, like pistols under 7,65 mm cartridge Browning. So to 1920 the year they were made whole 9800 copies.

History of weapons: very good gun «Sevidj» 1907 of the year "Savage" and to his two stores, which are visible on the slot, allowing them to monitor the filling

History of weapons: very good gun «Sevidj» 1907 of the year "Savage" with pearl on the handle cheeks

History of weapons: very good gun «Sevidj» 1907 of the year The main competitors of "Savage" M1907 - "Colt" M1903 and ...

History of weapons: very good gun «Sevidj» 1907 of the year ... "Colt" M1908 (pictured in a box with accessories)

When the US Army 1910 year announced a competition for a pistol, which was supposed to replace it revolvers, Savage presented a pistol chambered .45 ACP. He had to compete with John Browning and the company "Colt". He won the "Colt" with model M1911. But it is necessary to clarify a number of circumstances. At first, the company for many years produced pistols, designed Browning, improving them from sample to sample, and chambered .45 ACP wrong with 1905 of the year. And secondly, Savage gun 45 caliber was only an experimental model.

History of weapons: very good gun «Sevidj» 1907 of the year cartridge 7.65×17 mm 32 ACP left. To the right of its military sample with nickel-coated bullets

Whatever it was, but the gun caliber Savage 7,65 mm weapons still got. But not in the US, and in France, which was named «le Pistolet Militaire Savage». And it purchased there were quite a lot - about 27000 copies. Then the gun has attracted the Portuguese Navy, which was delivered 1200 пистолетов 'Savage pistol Portuguese Navy F / 914 », caliber 7,65 mm.

History of weapons: very good gun «Sevidj» 1907 of the year Advertising «Sэvidzha» (it was called "Savadzh" in Russian) in one of the Russian editions of the early twentieth century

"Savage" have spread in other European countries, and were popular in the Russian Empire. In addition to high combat qualities of our countrymen attracted more and the price - 25 rubles, whereas similar to it "Colt Pocket hammerless" M1903, worth 34. Interesting, that the beginning of the century in tsarist Russia were valued more than US guns, than Europe, and Browning, and MAUZERY, and Dreise sold an average of 16-25 rubles, and "Sauvage", although it was "American", It costs almost as much. Officers are permitted to wear it outside the system.

History of weapons: very good gun «Sevidj» 1907 of the year Cartridge .380 ACP 9 × 17 mm Browning

But most of the gun M1907 has made on civil arms market is in the US. Why not just buy them, including shooting at picnics. When in 1920 , the production of this model has been discontinued, it turned, the total number of guns produced is something about 235000 units. Eight years later, he was stopped producing pistols fully, and Savage Arms Co entirely switched to a rifle. However, in the history with his gun M1907 she will remain forever.

History of weapons: very good gun «Sevidj» 1907 of the year "Savage" chambered for .45 ACP

P. S. Interesting, Elbert Hamilton Searle that all this time continued to inventions, and 1916-1917 gg. He created the original gun with lever control, allow for the arming trigger and release of the store with just one shooting hand.

History of weapons: very good gun «Sevidj» 1907 of the year Searle pistol "for armed"

History of weapons: very good gun «Sevidj» 1907 of the year Searle gun Stripped "cheek" handle

To be continued…

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