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Smart bombs out of GPS coverage: Israel improves weapons and supplies it to India

«Smart bombs» out of GPS coverage: Israel improves weapons and supplies it to India
Israel continues to improve autonomous air-to-ground weapons systems. Now announced a new high-precision hitting ability in areas, not covered by GPS.

bombs, capable of operating out of GPS coverage

Rafael Advanced Defense Systems has developed a system, designed for unmanned aerial vehicles. The main feature of the system is that it allows you to work in those territories, which are not available for GPS coverage. Now to the districts, not covered by GPS, it will be possible to redeploy air defense systems, missiles and ammunition.

As noted in the Israeli company, laser-guided bombs no longer meet the most significant requirements of modern warfare. Since they are released at a short distance and are more vulnerable to enemy attacks. GPS-guided weapons also have their drawbacks..

A promising solution is to develop technologies, allowing autonomous tracking of moving targets, and regardless of GPS capabilities. SPICE family of rugged, self-contained air-to-surface weapons systems can deliver high-precision, large-scale strikes in GPS-inaccessible areas. Now such weapons are used by the Israeli Air Force and the armed forces of a number of other states..

GPS independence allows autonomous and precise strikes, moreover, in any weather conditions and at any time of the day. SPICE automatically attacks the target. Such opportunities could not be ignored by potential buyers..

«Smart bombs» out of GPS coverage: Israel improves weapons and supplies it to India

Why India needs Israeli "smart bombs"

Not so long ago, the Indian Air Force decided to acquire more 100 SPICE bombs with high-explosive warheads from Israel. The reason for such actions on the part of India was the growth of tension on the Indian-Pakistani border in the Kashmir region..

It is worth noting, that Indian aircraft used Spice-2000 bombs during the bombing of the Kashmiri militant camp in Balakot in Pakistan. With the help of such bomb attacks, it was possible to break through the concrete floors of the camp buildings and destroy the militants who were inside..

Recall, that the attack on the Balakot camp was in response to the terrorist attack against the Indian security convoy at Pulwam, that killed 40 military.

Now the Indian press notes the importance of Israel's assistance in anti-terrorist activities. So, even during the Kargil war in 1999 year Israel first came to the aid of India, supplying ammunition and mortars for the needs of the Indian ground forces. Previously, such assistance was provided during the Indo-Pakistani war. 1971 of the year. Recently, India and Israel have intensified their cooperation in the field of defense and security..

The close military ties between the two states are explained by the presence of a common enemy in the person of international terrorism and the countries of the Middle East that support it..

Interestingly, after a successful operation in Balakot, India decided to integrate an Israeli SPICE bomb into the Su-30MKI aircraft. Besides, India purchased ten Heron-TP UAVs from Israel. Yet 30 UAV India is going to purchase from the United States.

In this way, a further increase in the interest of the Indian Armed Forces in Israeli military products can be predicted. In its turn, Israel, improving your missiles and guided bombs, will be able to significantly improve its position in the global arms market.

Author:Ilya Polonsky

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