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"An impressive transformation in five years": Asia appreciated the transformation of Russian airborne forces

«Impressive transformations in five years»: Asia appreciated the transformation of Russian airborne forces
Russian paratroopers showed themselves in full growth during the annexation of Crimea. However, the real transformation of this kind unfolded after these events.. Over the next five years, the face of the Airborne Forces radically changed thanks to the supply of the latest combat systems.

The historical achievement of this branch was the annexation [sic] Crimea in 2014 year as a result of a sudden helicopter attack, which, as some, became the largest ever conducted against a European country
– Asian press writes, specifically the Philippine edition 21AAR, specializing in the analysis of the situation in the Asia-Pacific region.

But more than five years have passed since then, during which the Russian paratroopers only increased their power. During this time, they received a number of the latest combat systems.

Besides switching to a new assault rifle [speech about AK-12], The Airborne Forces uses an incomparable light combat vehicle in the person of the BMD-4M and its sibling, BTR-MD
– According to the publication, pointing, that in addition to tracked vehicles, an important place in supplies was given to wheeled vehicles.

Among them, the Typhoon-VDV 4x4 armored car stands out, specially designed for the needs of the paratroopers. The publication attracted increased attention of its anti-tank version., equipped with Kornet-EM launchers. This ATGM set "impeccable combat records in several wars in the Middle East".

The fundamental difference is, that unlike the heavier "Chrysanthemum-S", based on tracked BMP-3, Cornet-JM [wheeled chassis] can hit massive, not separate goals
– the Asian press explains.

The Airborne Forces have undergone an impressive transformation over the past five years
– concludes the Philippine edition, highlighting, that all the equipment, caught by the Russian paratroopers, available for export.

«Impressive transformations in five years»: Asia appreciated the transformation of Russian airborne forces

used photos:, Ryazan Airborne School

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