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A video of the use of the Armenian Armed Forces OTRK 9K72 "Elbrus"

A video of the use of the Armenian Armed Forces OTRK 9K72 appeared on the web «Elbrus»
A video of the use of an operational-tactical missile system by the Armenian military appeared on the web (OTRK) 9К72 “Elbrus”, NATO designation SS-1C Scud-B (Scud – “gust of wind”, “Squall”) created on the basis of the Soviet liquid-propellant single-stage rocket 8K14 (R-17). A couple of videos with the launch of the rocket posted on the YouTube channel.

Both videos on the channel are published 9 October, however explanations, when was OTRK applied “Elbrus”, there is none. An opinion is expressed in social networks, that the launch of the rocket is associated with another armed conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan, flared up 27 September this year on the territory of Nagorno-Karabakh. but, no official reports on the use of this complex by the Armenian Ministry of Defense have been received, the military department of Azerbaijan also does not comment on this video in any way. maybe, the video shows the exercises of the Armenian Armed Forces with live firing of the OTRK, previously held in secrecy.

note, that according to available data 2019 year, in service with the Armed Forces of Armenia was 8 launchers OTRK 9K72 “Elbrus”. There is no information about the state of the complexes. AT 2012 It was reported, that the complexes available to Armenia have undergone a number of modernizations and improvements, which ultimately led to an extension of the service life, increasing the accuracy of the defeat, as well as a significant reduction in the preparation and launch of missiles.

Operational-tactical missile system 9K72 “Elbrus” with rocket 8K-14 (R-17) It is designed to engage manpower, control points, airfields and other critical enemy targets. OTRK was developed in 1958-1961 years in SKB-385 (chief designer – VP. Makeev) with the participation of a number of design bureaus and research institutes. The Soviet army was adopted in 1967 year. The stated range of defeat – 300 km.

Recall, that the Armed Forces of Armenia have modern OTRK “Iskander-E”, purchased from Russia.

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