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"Where can we get such amounts": in Poland calculated the cost of the American military

«Where can we get such amounts»: in Poland calculated the cost of the American military
Poland's pledges to deploy an additional US military contingent will lead to multibillion-dollar spending. When signing the document, no one looked, what obligations did the Polish side undertake. Renata Kim writes about this in Newsweek Polska.

Author notes, what when 15 August, the head of the US State Department, Mike Pompeo, arrived in Poland and signed an agreement on enhanced military cooperation in Warsaw, it said mainly about, that this will increase the American military contingent in Poland. To those already in 4,5 thousands of soldiers will be added another thousand. but, the author notes, was not discussed when signing the document, what obligations did the Polish side undertake. As it turned out, there is an appendix to the document with a list of, what will the US military get access to.

As it turned out, the US military will have access to facilities and sites in more than 20 settlements. On the territory of Poland, the Americans do not rely on several large military bases, but many small. The Polish side will pay for everything, the author of.

According to obligations, taken over, Warsaw pays for all construction work, reconstruction and repair, as well as the costs of ongoing maintenance. Poland fully pays for accommodation and meals for the American military, cleaning service, water, heating, electricity, conditioning, garbage removal (including hazardous waste) and security. 75% fuel payments, including aviation, paid by Poland. Americans can use rail and airfields for free. They will also be exempt from navigation and other fees., aircraft-related (including landing and parking fees).

As noted, the maintenance of the American contingent together with the proposed investments will cost Warsaw billions of dollars. At the same time, two more expensive projects are underway.: SAM supplies “Petriot” and F-35 fighters.

If we add to this the planned investments, there will be billions. unknown, where will the Ministry of Defense take such amounts
– said one of the Polish MPs.

but, That's not all. The agreement presupposes, that Americans can expand the list of their demands. If any projects appear, Poland is obliged to approve them and provide “urgent operational needs of the U.S. military”. During the exercise, the US military has the right to use free of charge not only state property, but also on a temporary basis, municipal and even private. Americans are guaranteed exemption from paying fines and other penalties, imposed by Polish authorities. Poland also relinquished the priority of national jurisdiction in criminal matters.

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