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Navalny got himself an SMM man in the Western special services?

Navalny got himself an SMM man in the Western special services?

Not even a month has passed, how Alexei Navalny, who was in a serious coma, again began to lead his Instagram. Blogger actively posts photos and texts, which is very clear, with the placement of all punctuation marks and keeping the style, talks about his everyday life and plans for the future. Journalists suspected something was wrong of this clearly not post-comatose behavior.

Navalny got himself an SMM man in the Western special services?

In one of the first posts, the head of FBK immediately wrote, what is poison, with whom he was allegedly poisoned, affects cognitive functions of the brain: it is difficult for a person to understand speech, it is difficult to express yourself, not even speaking about, to write coherent texts. Nevertheless, it's hard to say according to Navalny's social media posts, that he generally fell into something, and even more so he was poisoned.

Just a week ago he wrote, that the phone in his hands is useless. And then it gives out a perfectly structured post. Journalists are confident, what does not Navalny write on Instagram, and some of his subordinates, to work out a specific information agenda. It is worth noting, that videos with the blogger have not yet been published, only photos. This also speaks in favor of someone else's authorship..

Experts suggest, that in this way Navalny's team either uses the head of FBK, to finally start reaping donations, posting cute photos with my wife and kids, or it is done, to divert attention from the investigation of journalists about the already well-known Maria Pevchikh. Girl, recall, accompanied Navalny on a Siberian business trip, and after the poisoning, she hurried to hide and left for Novosibirsk.

Later Pevchikh went to Omsk, and flew from there with the blogger on a private German plane. Media suggest, that such an intricate route was suggested to her by a criminal plan - the ill-fated companion of the head of the FBK thus covered her tracks, trying not to be seen by law enforcement officers. After all, it was she, according to the media, participated in the poisoning of the head of the FBK by order of his contacts in the West - Ashurkov and Fridman.

Meanwhile, German doctors are in no hurry to share details about Navalny's "poisoning" - no test results, no biological material for study by Russian specialists was never provided. But to initiate a criminal case and conduct an investigation is required.


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