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Alexander Rogers: We analyze the grievances of the European Union on our sanctions

Eurobureaucrats once again demonstrate to us the complete inadequacy, expressed in a combination of Eurocentrism, pathological sociopathy and a total inability to calculate the consequences of their actions.

Alexander Rogers: We analyze the grievances of the European Union on our sanctions

I can not pass by such zhyyyyr news.

RIA Novosti informs us, that "the European Union rejects retaliatory sanctions against Russia and considers them unjustified".

This was stated by EU spokesman Peter Stano.

Let's analyze his statement line by line.

Stano: “We reject these retaliatory sanctions, declared by Russia, as well as other retaliatory Russian sanctions, in particular in the agricultural sector, because they are unjustified ".

Rogers: Really? And European sanctions, so, justified? Why on earth? What are justified? Eager to please American masters?

And what does "we reject" mean?? How will this be expressed? In your hysterical "we are against", shouted out in falsetto? Well, you can also cry.

Sanctions will still be, you've been asking for them for a long time.

Stano: "EU sanctions against Russia and Russians are targeted and comply with international law".

Rogers: Why is he lying so poorly? What international law do anti-Russian sanctions correspond to?? You can link to the relevant law? Like no?! Oh…

I am a bunch of documents, related to sanctions, studied. And nowhere was there "according to the point of such and such a law". It's safe to say, that there is not the slightest legislative basis for such unfriendly actions of the European Union.

Furthermore, economic sanctions violate WTO rules, because they restrict the freedom of movement of goods, money and technology.

Stano: "EU listing is based on clear criteria and legally sound evidence".

Rogers: And lies again. Where are these criteria spelled out?? Which document? Why on earth are European bureaucrats trying to tell the country, which is not a member of the EU and has not signed any limiting or binding documents?

The phrase "legally sound evidence" does not make sense at all. Evidence does not require legal support, legal justification requires action. He is elementary illiterate and tongue-tied.

Yet again, proof of what? And where was this evidence presented? In which court? How about “no one can be found guilty of a crime otherwise, than by court decision "? Kind of like this is a basic concept of Roman and civil law. But to Russia it, somehow, does not apply.

And since EU officials are doing outright legal chaos, which is rightly regarded by the Russian Foreign Ministry as "unfriendly actions", then we are fully entitled to answer symmetrically.

Stano: "European sanctions are aimed at changing certain behavior".

Rogers: Are they what, they are trying to train us? Really? Megalomania does not torment, no?

And what kind of "certain"? Independent? Sovereign? Putting Russia's interests first?

Likewise, Russian sanctions are aimed at changing the Russophobic behavior of EU officials.

Let's see, who will raise whom.

Stano: “We were not informed, to whom exactly and how many EU citizens will be subject to these measures ... We were not informed, why the Russian Federation took these measures "

Rogers: That is, he absolutely cannot live without lies. Lies in every phrase. Because the official representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Maria Zakharova stated, that "the European Union took a number of unfriendly steps towards our country", and Russia warned the EU about the harmfulness of this approach.

in total.

Eurobureaucrats show us a complete inadequacy, expressed in a combination of Eurocentrism (this form of megalomania, when its host counts, what is the carrier of a higher civilization, based solely on the fact of their geographic location), pathological sociopathy (at which they lie, even when there is no need for it) and a total inability to calculate the consequences of their actions.

Ukraine has not joined the EU (and no chance, what will come), but Europe is infected with Ukraine in full. They first do various Russophobic nasty things, completely without thinking about the possible consequences, and then they are constantly surprised, “And we are for?».

Looks like, that they are truly convinced of their exclusivity, and everyone is "obliged" to please and serve them simply because, that they are Europeans.

That's just not us, no Turks, nor all the others (except Ukrainians, of course) do not think so.

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