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The new BMP "Lynx" passed in front of NATO troops

New BMP «Lynx» passed in front of NATO troops
The German company Rheinmetall presented its new Lynx KF41 infantry fighting vehicle at the exercises of the North Atlantic Alliance. The demonstration took place 22 September 2020 years in Hungary on NATO maneuvers "Brave Warrior".

This is a significant milestone for our LYNX team to see this car for the first time in a military theater., which hosted the allied troops. We received a huge amount of positive feedback from the military!
– celebrate at Rheinmetall.

Place of demonstration of a new product, apparently, was not chosen by chance. Hungary, purchased 218 BMP of this type in September of this year for more than 2 billion, is the first customer of KF41 "Lynx". At the same time, even the Bundeswehr did not acquire it..

The video shows the movement of the BMP in front of the troops. The footage shows NATO military equipment in a sandy color, including BMP "Bradley", with which "Lynx", apparently, comparable in size.

Lynx comes in two flavors (KF stands for "Kettenfahrzeug", which in German means a tracked vehicle): Lynx KF31 weighing up to 38 tonnes, crew 3 + 6, and Lynx KF41 slightly more weight, crew 3 + 8. The main caliber is the Wotan cannon 35 electrically driven, which, as indicated, "Shoots tested and in-service 35x228mm ammunition from Rheinmetall".

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