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Two NATO ships left the Black Sea

Two NATO ships left the Black Sea
NATO ships begin to leave the Black Sea. According to the Istanbul news portals, following the French reconnaissance ship Dupuy de Lome (“Dupuis de Lom”) USNS Yuma, a high-speed amphibious assault ship, passed through the straits.

A large reconnaissance ship of the French Navy entered the Black Sea nine days ago and was in the water area, watching Russian strategic command and control “Caucasus 2020”. The ship is used for electronic intelligence in the interests of the French Military Intelligence Directorate (DRM).

The fast American transport and landing ship USNS Yuma enters the Black Sea 16 September and immediately went to Romania, delivering the first batch of American Patriot missile defense systems there. After unloading in Romania, the ship went to Georgia, where visited the port of Batumi. Was any cargo delivered there – unknown.

Currently, the destroyer URO USS Roosevelt continues to remain in the Black Sea (DDG-80) United States Navy and HMS Enterprise reconnaissance ship of the British Royal Navy.

Previously stated, that an American destroyer can join the exercises conducted by Ukraine “Joint efforts 2020”.

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