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Ukraine announced "full right" to block the North Crimean Canal

In Ukraine announced «full right» to overlap the North Crimean Canal
Ukraine had every right to block the North Crimean Canal, through which water entered Crimea, as it finances this object. This statement was made by “Permanent Representative of the President of Ukraine in the Autonomous Republic of Crimea” Anton Korinevich.

On his Facebook page, he wrote, that Kiev did not block the channel of the Dnieper River, which continues “flow freely” across the territory of Russia, Belarus and Ukraine, and blocked an artificial structure, located on the territory of Ukraine, what it has every right to do. However, he stressed, that no one blocked access to the waters of the river for people, living along its banks.

Ukraine has not blocked the channel of the Dnieper River, and blocked an artificial technological structure (channel), which is located on the territory of Ukraine, under the jurisdiction of Ukraine and financed from the state budget of Ukraine. Ukraine has every right to do this.. No other state has the right to dispose of the channel, this is a Ukrainian building, and only Ukraine can determine, how to use it
– he said.

Korinkevich published exactly the same statement in August last year., also referring to that, that the channel of the Dnieper is not blocked, and only the channel is blocked and that Ukraine “has every right to do so”.

note, that earlier through the North-Crimean Canal came to 85% the necessary fresh water for the peninsula. This summer, due to the dry season, the water bodies of the Crimea have become shallow, and in Simferopol, at the end of summer, a regime water supply was introduced.

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