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Offshore tug project 23470 "Andrey Stepanov" for the Pacific Fleet was conducted along the "Northern Sea Route"

Offshore tug project 23470 «Andrey Stepanov» для ТОФ провели по «Севморпути»
Offshore tug project 23470 “Andrey Stepanov”, making an inter-fleet transition from Sevastopol to Kamchatka, crossed the Northern Sea Route. The press service of the Pacific Fleet reports..

As noted, Sevmorput “Andrey Stepanov” преодолел на буксире. В настоящее время он продолжает переход, держа курс на Петропавловск-Камчатский, где пройдет церемония вхождения буксира в состав отряда судов обеспечения войск и сил ТОФ.

Современный морской буксир проекта 23470 “Andrey Stepanov”, built specifically for the Pacific Fleet, продолжает переход из Севастополя на Камчатку, где он войдет в состав отряда судов обеспечения войск и сил на Северо-востоке России. Уже завершена буксировка судна по Северному морскому пути. Прибытие буксира в Петропавловск-Камчатский запланировано на конец текущей недели
– It said in a statement.

About, what a tug “Andrey Stepanov” закончил заводские ходовые испытания и готовится к межфлотскому переходу на Камчатку из Севастополя, сообщалось еще в 20-х числах июня этого года. Тогда же в пресс-службе ТОФ заявили, что переход буксира будет осуществлен по Севморпути.

Second after the head “Sergey Balka”, sea ​​tug “Andrey Stepanov” is the first serial in a series of five offshore tugs of the project 23470. Built at the Yaroslavl shipyard in accordance with the concluded in 2014 year contract for two sea tugs for the Ministry of Defense. Pledged to the NW 27 July 2015 year and launched 29 June 2017 of the year. Later he was transferred to the Sevastopol shipyard “Perseus”, where was completed on the water.

These sea tugs are designed for sea towing of vessels, floating objects and structures in ice and clean water; pilotage of ships in the water area of ​​ports and mooring; performing escort operations at sea; extinguishing fires at floating and onshore facilities, and also for extinguishing fuel burning on water; removal of ships and vessels from aground.

At the aft end of the ship there is a platform for receiving and taking off helicopters. Availability of a crane with a lifting capacity 20 t at boom 13 m with active heave compensation allows the tug to independently carry out cargo operations and service the helipad as in calm water, and in sea conditions.

Main dimensions of the vessel: the maximum length, m 69,75; maximum width, m 15,0; board height to VP, m 6,7; maximum draft, m 5,2, displacement – 3200 t. Autonomy reserves provisions – 30 day, cruising range at speed 14 with. – 3000 miles. Navigation area – unlimited according to ice reinforcement class Arc 4.

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