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India has transferred T-72 to the border with China, Indian tanks "Arjun" do not withstand the conditions of the highlands

India has transferred T-72 to the border with China, indian tanks «Ardjun» do not withstand high altitude conditions
Indian military command confirmed the transfer of units of a tank battalion to the highland region of Ladakh on the border with China. The average height of the Indian armed forces in this area is 3900 m. The highest areas are about 4400-4500 m.

Attention is drawn to the fact, that the command chose T-72 tanks for the transfer. it is, moreover,, that all of the recent Indian media have been praising the Indian-made Arjun main battle tank in every way. Today, in the Indian army about 140 Arjunov, but none of them was found, so to speak, places when strengthening the border with China.

According to some reports, tanks "Arjun" have proven themselves, to put it mildly, not from the best side even when tested in mid-altitude conditions (not to mention the highlands). Indian tanks simply cannot withstand such conditions.. Sources in India previously reported, that the tanks of the Indian manufacturer HVF (Heavy Vehicles Factory) there are problems with the stability of the engine in thin air. Also, the crews of "Arjuns" experienced problems during the ascent, if its slope on the site exceeded 30 degrees, and the site itself was quite long.

Russian-developed T-72 tanks are less whimsical and are capable of operating in conditions at impressive heights in the mountains.. And tanks “Ardjun” did not dare to send to Ladakh – apparently, so that there is no incident, when Indian tanks stall on a snowy pass, before reaching the border.

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