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EurAsian Times: Anti-China Pact Forms in Asia-Pacific Region

EurAsian Times: Anti-China Pact Forms in Asia-Pacific Region
After, how India and Japan signed a military logistics pact, a similar agreement for New Delhi with France and Australia is under development. These intercontinental military alliances have one common goal - to challenge the growing threat from China..

This is how the EurAsian Times writes about agreements.

Although none of the treaties explicitly mentions a specific country, against which they are directed, signers talk about growing challenges in the Asia-Pacific region and China's growing ambitions.

After years of negotiations between India and Japan, the parties signed a landmark agreement, which will allow the ships of the two countries to use naval bases and facilities of each other for repair and resupply, and will also contribute to the expansion of cooperation in other areas.

Strengthening of the People's Liberation Army of China noted (PLA) and its activation in the area of ​​the Senkaku Islands, which are simultaneously claimed by Japan and the PRC, and in the province of Ladakh on the India-China border. Against this background, Indian Defense Ministry spokesman Ajay Kumar and Japanese Ambassador Suzuki Satoshi signed a pact, providing for close interaction between the two countries.

Similar agreements were signed earlier with Australia and the USA, which turns a two-sided pact into a four-sided one. Besides, France-Australia-India agreement may be added to the anti-Chinese alliance.

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