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Mexican war 2020: Jalisco gathered to eliminate world cartel number 1

Mexican war 2020: Jalisco gathered to eliminate world cartel number 1

The author of the Telegram channel "Sex, cartels, Frida Kahlo "tells, how the Jalisco New Generation cartel continues to fight for Mexican territories and declares war on the Sinaloa - the world's drug lords.

30 May, messages began to appear on the Web that, what Nemesio Oseguéra Cervantes (he is El Mencho), Cartel Leader New Generation Jalisco, hired a criminal gang Los 28 kill sons Joaquin Loera Guzman, famous drug lord nicknamed El Chapo and the leader of the Sinaloa cartel.

After, how in 2019 year El Chapo received a life sentence, control of the Sinaloa cartel passed into the hands of his three sons - Ovid, Ivana Archivaldo and Jesus Alfredo.

Mexican war 2020: Jalisco gathered to eliminate world cartel number 1

El Mencho, in its turn, took up seriously the fight against "colleagues" from other drug cartels, including La Familia Michoacana, Santa Rosa de Lima, Los Zetas and the Tijuana cartel. Striving to seize new territories and drug routes, Jalisco New Generation cartel brutally cracked down on captured members of hostile factions.

El Mencho's efforts, declared the most dangerous person in Mexican territory by the US Drug Enforcement Administration, partially successful: Jalisco New Generation Cartel gained control of part of La Familia's estates in Tierra Caliente, and also took over a significant share of the avocado business.

Mexican war 2020: Jalisco gathered to eliminate world cartel number 1

Sinaloa Cartel, who was practically untouchable before El Chapo's arrest, collaborated with El Mencho at the dawn of his drug career, a, according to the testimony of individual agents of the Drug Enforcement Administration, some members of the Sinaloa leadership had personal scores with the New Generation leader Jalisco.

To 2020 the year seemed unthinkable, what cartel, whose influence, predominantly, limited to Mexico, dare to challenge a global criminal organization. maybe, recent successes in Tierra Caliente and several seized drug lanes have instilled confidence in the leader of Jalisco.

The 28

Cluster Los 28 appeared in 2014 year, when brothers Jorge Alberto, Felipe Eduardo and Carlos Gajardo Garcia decided to create a detachment of mercenaries, providing services to individual drug cartels during the next drug war.

One of the reasons for the creation of Los 28 was the desire of the Garcia brothers to ensure their own safety, at least partially,. Los Armed Neutrality 28 eventually bore fruit - after a series of operations to liquidate the leadership of criminal organizations, the group has reached a new level. Sinaloa themselves used their services at one time., when it was necessary to remove unwanted mayors and governors. The cartels of Tijuana and Juarez also did not hesitate to contact Garcia.

Mexican war 2020: Jalisco gathered to eliminate world cartel number 1

It often happened like this, that several divisions of Los 28 performed parallel missions, taking orders from warring cartels. Only the Garcia brothers and a few other confidants were permanent members of the group - the performers were selected each time in accordance with the characteristics of the upcoming operation.

US Drug Enforcement Administration experts at one time argued, what los 28 are not an organized criminal group in the classical sense of the word. Their activity is not regular, and preparation of performers takes quite a long time. In this case Los 28 it is easier to consider it as a "recruiting agency" with the function of a kind of event management among drug cartels.

At the same time, according to Roberta Balmonte, former US federal marshal, The 28 are famous for their diligence and "high quality" of services provided. The group has developed a certain reputation due to almost one hundred percent fulfillment of orders..

First hit

In all probability, the Jalisco cartel went to war with Sinaloa a few weeks ago. It was then that one of El Chapo's best killers was killed - Jose Rodrigo Areciga Gamboa, also known as Chino Anthrax. Beyond the execution of murder orders, given to him personally by the head of Sinaloa, Chino Anthrax controlled the import of cocaine and marijuana across the Mexican-American border.

Mexican war 2020: Jalisco gathered to eliminate world cartel number 1

In May, the drug lord was released under house arrest on condition of early parole and went to his mansion in San Diego. 6 May he freed himself from the electronic bracelet, hooking it to the leg of a clockwork toy, and crossed the American border, accompanied by unknown. Chino was last seen alive at approximately 7-8 May in Tijuana.

18 May body of Chino Anthrax, his sisters and son-in-law were found in the trunk of a car in Culiacan with traces of torture and gunshot wounds, chairs of the state of Sinaloa.

Initially suspected were Chino Anthrax's "colleagues" from the Sinaloa cartel. The drug lord during his imprisonment in an American prison collaborated with agents of the Drug Enforcement Administration, and also with the FBI. Argued, that thanks to the data, received from Anthrax, besides El Chapo, other members of the ruling elite of the cartel were detained. true, El Chapo has always been known for, that he specially sent his people to cooperate with American and Mexican federal agents and completely allowed a partial "leak" of reliable information.

There is another opinion: Chino Anthrax, in custody, continued to control drug trafficking in the Sinaloa border possessions. The death of the chief curator of supplies to the United States could for some time bring confusion into the ranks of the cartel and give rise to a mini-war for control of the border - one of the most "grain" Mexican possessions of Sinaloa.

It is the strike on the strategically important zone of Sinaloa that is associated with further actions of El Mencho. Seeking help from the never-losing Los group 28, he actually declared war on the Sinaloa.

Frozen accounts and new murders

3 June, just a few days after reports appeared that the leader of Jalisco had hired Los 28, Mexican authorities blocked 1939 bank accounts of individuals and officials, as well as organizations, affiliated with the Jalisco New Generation Cartel.

According to the Ministry of Finance of Mexico, through these accounts, money transfers were made in the amount of about 900 millions of dollars. It's just a couple of months. If not for the rumors, that one in five members of the Mexican government is associated with the Sinaloa cartel, for the successes of federal agents, tracked all accounts, one could only be glad.

Mexican war 2020: Jalisco gathered to eliminate world cartel number 1

Later Head of the Financial Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit of Mexico Santiago Nieto Castillo reported, that the Mexican agents received information about the accounts from the US Drug Enforcement Administration. A source of information, as well as the total amount of all funds by agents of the Office, were not disclosed.

Along with the news about the frozen accounts of the drug cartel, information appeared on the Internet, what 29 in May, the leader of the Jalisco New Generation cell in the state of Veracruz was killed in his bar - Francisco Navarette Serna. Drug lord shot with La Calle music group, as part of which he sometimes performed.

7 June also killed the drug lord's son Francisco Navarrete, presumed heir to Jalisco in the region.

The most likely candidates for the role of customers in the murder of the father and son of Navarrete could be called the Los Zetas cartel, famous "curators" of the state of Veracruz. However, such a luxury as a quick death from gunshot wounds has never been the signature of Los Zetas and it is unlikely that they began to make such a gift for the sworn enemies of Jalisco..

La Familia Michoacana in most cases leaves drug addicts - messages for enemies on a large sheet of paper or cloth, always openly announcing to enemies, who is behind another murder.

Most likely, that murder is another "gift" from the Sinaloa cartel. A week earlier, on one of the Mexican federal highways, the Jalisco New Generation cartel had left a welcome threat to Sinaloa in the form of the corpse of a woman with a severed head..

"Death" by El Mencho

13 June, there were reports on the Web about the death of the leader of the New Generation cartel Jalisco. According to the popular version, El Mencho died, having contracted COVID-19. Other sources claim, that the leader of the New Generation Jalisco was sent to the next world by Mexican military personnel, with whom he entered into a firefight when attempting to arrest.

None of these versions have received official confirmation., however, the military and police are currently on full alert.

The Mexican authorities are primarily concerned about the massive protests against police brutality and related murder. Giovanni Lopez - "local George Floyd". Sinaloa Cartel Retaliation or Possible Power Struggle in Jalisco Cartel Could Increase Tensions, as well as increase the number of corpses by an order of magnitude.

However, the Jalisco State Prosecutor's Office is in no hurry to confirm the death of the head of the drug cartel. Mexico's Ministry of Health also said there is no information on the death of a drug lord from COVID-19.

Earlier, the head of Jalisco was buried several times., last time in March 2020 of the year. Journalists reported, that El Mencho was shot as a result of the armed conflict between La Familia Michoacana and the New Generation of Jalisco. But not even a month has passed, when the Drug Enforcement Administration once again reminded of 10 million dollars for the capture of El Mencho, as well as about, that "he is armed and very dangerous".

Along with the announcements of the death of El Mencho, there were reports of the death of his right hand - Hugo Gonzalo Mendoza, known as El Sapo.

El Mencho was last seen alive in Cotia, in the state of Michoacan.

not surprising, that on those who announced the death of the head of the drug cartel they have already started to hang the stigma fake news. However, not excluded, that all these messages – the idea of ​​El Mencho himself.

Further course of the war

After declaring war on the Sinaloa Cartel, El Mencho faced not only that, that the opponent was smart enough and influential (this fact was hardly unexpected).

Mexican war 2020: Jalisco gathered to eliminate world cartel number 1

Quite possibly, that Mexican law enforcement forces were directed against the Jalisco New Generation Cartel with the assistance of Sinaloa. US Drug Enforcement Administration, in its turn, decided not to miss the chance and try to crush the cartel, seeking to regain control of border territories.

It should be added, that the Mexican-American border is not only Sinaloa. Large part controlled by the Los Zetas cartel, whose methods of work Jalisco's management uses with might and main in their daily "activities". This and mass executions, and dismemberment of corpses, and online broadcast of kills of enemies.

Hard to imagine, that the Jalisco cartel will be able to pull the war simultaneously with all supposed rivals, among which: Sinaloa, Los Setas, La Familia Michoacana, as well as regional groupings. On the other hand, Jalisco members have become significantly wealthy over the past couple of years and have repeatedly called themselves “the richest Mexican cartel” in their video messages.

Mexican war 2020: Jalisco gathered to eliminate world cartel number 1

Wealth is a good thing, However, in order, to try and strike at the Sinaloa on the Jalisco American border, it is necessary to act including in the territories of the Los Zetas cartel, which they definitely won't be happy about. Argued, that the US authorities allow Los Zetas to control part of the border and stage a show of terror, providing a kind of "protection" of territories and several channels of drug trafficking from other groups.

maybe, at the moment it is much more profitable for El Mencho to be dead and to start the fight with the sons of El Chapo on a slightly different level. It is not excluded, that El Mencho would act through other factions or trump ties in the Mexican government.

To date, the most interesting question is the reality of El Mencho's death., as well as the reaction of the Sinaloa cartel to this extraordinary event. Who will stop Mexico's most powerful cartel from searching for El Mencho's body or destroy his closest allies? Yes, just in case.

Author: Frida Kahlo

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