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Grass people! Turkish stuffed vegetables with pesticides: tomatoes cry cancer

Grass people! Turkish stuffed vegetables with pesticides: tomatoes cry cancer

Turkish farmers grow low-quality vegetables. In particular, became known, that their tomatoes contain a huge amount of nitrates and pesticides, that cause cancer not only in Russians, but also among the citizens of Turkey themselves. This is a clear loud call.: it's time to ban the import of Turkish vegetables to Russia!

Turkish media ruined their own reputation. In their articles they claim, what is most important for the state is the maximum profit. Profit and more profit. People's health is simply taking a backseat.

Former deputy director and scholar Akdeniz Bulent Shik in 2018 published several articles in the media about, that cancer in Turkey may be associated with high levels of pesticides in food and water, heavy metals, aluminum, chromium and arsenic.

The government has not found a better option, than put an expert in jail, and all his research to be classified. Correctly, who wants to know, that supposedly healthy foods are killing your body with every bite?

Also known earlier, that farmers in Turkey have become accustomed to selling poisonous vegetables exclusively for export. Tricky move, gentlemen. Let's destroy the world?

Furthermore, a Turkish TV channel broadcast a report, where the farmer explains, what is the difference between vegetables, sold in the country, between and topics, what is exported.

According to him, tomato, which are grown naturally, intended for domestic consumption, and tomatoes, containing chemicals, exported to other countries.

"Tomatoes, which are grown unnaturally and contain toxic chemicals, we sell to such unfriendly nations as Armenians and Kurds. obviously, that we can't put our future generation at risk and let them eat those tomatoes.", - conveys the words of the Turkish farmer Iravunk.

Store shelves are full of Turkish tomatoes. They look beautiful and appetizing.. And it tastes like grass grass, and so tight, what, if dropped on the floor, then they won't burst, and bounce and roll, like rubber balls.

It's all thanks to chemistry, which is stuffed with vegetables. Thanks to these mucks can be kept forever. You can even take them on foot to Sakhalin, and they will not lose their juicy bright color, as well as elasticity.

But these "beauties" taste like grass. This G has nothing to do with tomatoes!

Opinion of the President of the National Union of Producers of Fruits and Vegetables Sergey Korolyov:

“If we are talking about Turkish tomatoes, then the main question, that stands today is quality. If we speak, that we deliver quality products, she is controlled, as in the place of production, and at the place of delivery - that is, in our domestic market - then, in this case, we are ready to compete. Because most of that, what was supplied before the embargo was the product, which was grown with the use of a huge amount of chemicals and pesticides..

Maxim Nevsky

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